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Your perfect companion is waiting for you at the pound

Your Perfect Companion is waiting for you at the pound!

I was inspired to write this when I met my uncle’s new addition: Jazzy. I know a lot of people always say to adopt from pounds, and this will probably not make too much of a difference but I had to write it anyway.

The Story of Jazzy
My uncle, with nine dogs, went to the pound and got a Border collie x Australian cattle dog: 10 years old, the dog had been waiting patiently for someone to come for her. She got named Jazzy, and was the perfect addition their large family: Four kids, four adults, a cat, hermit crabs, and ten dogs. Jazzy did not whine or complain about sleeping outside on a pillow, whenever someone unknown came, her hackles would go up and she would bark at them, snarling and growling, warning them. The kids could climb all over her, pull her tail and everything else, and she would just lie there and allow them to.
Jazzy is 10 years old today, I just saw her yesterday. “Jazzy” I called before I left my uncles’ house. Jazzy came limping on over, I stroked her head. She limped back over to her pillow, and flopped down on it. I walked over and kissed her.

The Story of Scadget
One of my other uncles got a Labrador x Basset Hound named Scadget. They also got her as a senior dog from a pound as well. She’s about ten years old now, with arthritis, she avoided moving around too much except when the kids found another place to play. From the moment they got her, she followed their two kids around everywhere they went. One day, the neighbor’s German shepherd dog was restless, when he saw my uncles’ kids, he did not hesitate to jump over the fence. Full speed, the young dog thundered towards the kids. Scadget, lying close by the kids, saw the danger and hopped up. She acted as if she had forgotten about her arthritis, the pain in her legs and lunged at the dog. She tore the German Shepherd’s ear and the dog went running. Scadget was torn in a few places, but otherwise went back to lying down by the children, waiting for the next challenge to protect “her kids” from.
I actually just saw Scadget today, in her teens now, she refused to be on a rope at the lake. She didn’t bother to look at anyone else except the kids, following them around, no matter where they went.

I am not saying that dogs from breeders are bad dogs, but dogs at the pound are thankful of you to take them home, into the family, they are eager to pay you back for what you did for them. All they want is a home, and they will go through and endure anything you put in front of them, maybe someday saving your life. Every second, 5000 dogs are euthanized around the world. Don’t let your perfect companion die just because there was lack of room in the pound. Adopt your dog from the pound; he is patiently waiting for you.
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That was fantastic!

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Yes, very good!

I wish I could adopt a doggie. I want a dog so bad, but I don't want to get one until I finish with school and have a more stable lifestyle - not that I'm doing bad now, but I'm not ready to support any more pets then the ones I have - and plus, I'm to busy with school to get a dog, I would want to skip class and play with my doggie all day!

I volenteer at an animal shelter when I stay with Chris, and they're so many sweet loving dogs brought in! It's always so nice to see them adopted into good homes.

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Thanks for the comments you two!

Volunteering is nearly enough. At least they're getting the love they deserve!
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