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Feeding a Western Box

I just got a Western Box turtle who is about a year old this weekend. The previous owner said that she fed him every 3 days, but I have read anywhere from every day to every 3-4 days. I'm confused, and just want to do what's best for George. I have been feeding him small amounts every day, and he eats about half a baby spoonful every time I feed him. I then remove anything left when he walks away from his bowl. Am I doing this right? Thanks so much.
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Here's a picture of him eating yesterday. I just gave him some peeled cut up grapes, and he is totally uninterested. Anyone else try that?
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Every three days or so should be alright -- depending on what the food is you can even feed him every other day or so -- for instance, foods that are high in fiber and low in protein. Feed him as much as he will eat in one sitting and remove the excess.

What does his diet consist of? Grapes are good - some turtles have personal preferences. Perhaps if you had left them in there long enough he would have tried them.
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Box turtles are not like tortoises, they are omnivores and need a good amount of protein as well as vegetable matter. Variety is good. I've never really seen one over eat, I feed mine every three days, take away what food isn't eaten in a few hours so it doesn't go bad. Box Turtle Care & Conservation web pages have a nice page on Diet and Feeding Your Box Turtle.


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Thanks for your replies. He definitely likes bananas best. That, and Gerber baby food--Turkey with Turkey gravy. I figure that is good protein. He ate 2 1/2 tspns today of the baby food. He also ate 2 chunks of bananas, and a piece of lettuce. So, what I'm really wondering now is, should I try and feed him a snack every day, and then a bigger meal every 2-3 days. Or try and feed on demand? He goes to his bowl when he's hungry (that's what it seems like, at least). Thanks so much.
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