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Question Fontaine here, need feedback for snappers (snapping turtles)

Problem ,i believe my snapper has a respitory illness or possible cold and needs to see vet or needs medical attention, but problem gets worst , i live in an issolated ares in CAnada and nearest reptile vet is bout 8-10 hours ride by car,can anyone tell me what should i do to make our Snapping turtle better. He's now 2 yrs old and will eat nothing but wild meat or live fish.HE still has a good appetite, butbefore prob gets worst , i need some connaisseur's advice.Please help NInnja!!!
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Respiratory illness are common in turtles and tortoises in captivity. The best way to treat (assuming you are correct in your diagnoses) is to culture it and see what antibiotic would be most effective.

You've hit on a couple of ethical issues here though...

One we are not vets and even if we were, you haven't given enough info to really diagnose a problem. We don't know you and don't know if you could really tell a respiratory illness from cancer. In fact, with only two posts (as I write this), you may not even have a turtle, you could just be a troll.

Secondly, if we could diagnose, there isn't any way for us to treat or prescribe.

And finally, as pet owners it's our responsibility to take care of the animals in our custody. Saying it needs a vet and that the nearest vet is 8 hours away means that you should travel 8 hours to the vet. If that's a problem, you probably shouldn't be keeping reptiles. If the animal isn't that important to you, perhaps you should reassess what animals you keep, and why you keep them. I'm hoping you know they aren't toys, or something to brag about or show off with. They aren't disposable when they are broken.

Probably not what you were hoping to hear, but there it is.

Your solutions? If he's eating, that's a good thing. Offer wide variety of foods. For meat, offer WHOLE animals (guts and all) and make sure you are getting some vitamins into the turtle too. Then, get on water quality, that's the biggest issue with any aquatic turtle, especially snapping turtles. Next, (if I couldn't go 8 hours to the vet) I'd keep the animal warm. Raise the water temps to the upper range of the turtles comfort zone (mid to upper 70's to low 80's F), and make sure it has access to a warm dry basking zone that's around 90degF. Then I'd try to see if a closer vet would just look at the animal. It's better than nothing.

Lastly, I'd divest myself of the animals I couldn't take care of responsibly. That would certainly include all the ones I wasn't willing (or able) to take to the vet. JMO.


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