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Personal List


This particular board seems kind of slow. It is a shame seeing as turts/torts are my favorite animals in the world.

I have been collecting chelonians for a long time now. I love them to death and even founded a local rescue here in S.C.: SCTTR.

My personal list is:

0:0:1 Redfoot Tortoise
0:0:2 Russian Tortoise
0:0:1 Sulcata Tortoise
5:1:0 Eastern Box Turtle
0:0:1 N.A. Wood Turtle
1:1:8 Red Ear Slider
2:0:0 Midland Painted Turtle
0:0:1 Western Painted Turtle

What's yours?
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Yes, elf, the reptile owners are not many in this forum. However many of the pet owners here like reptiles and enjoy seeing pictures and hearing stories about them. Please share some pics if you are able to.

I have had several red-eared sliders in my lifetime. I love turtles. They have very endearing faces.
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I am one of the reptile people here and I don't own any turtles at this time. I used to own a Red eared Slider but that was along time ago.
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it is too bad more people aren't into reptiles here ... or in general for that matter. don't get me wrong, there are a lot of people out there who appreciate what wonderful pets they make but there is also a lot of misunderstanding and myths surrounding reptile ownership ... so not that many people, perspectively, get involved.
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Here's another poll about what kind of reptiles everyone hase that was posted a while back I Have a veiled chameleon, no turtles or torts though.
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box turtle, eared slider, eared sliders, eastern box turtle, pet owner, red ear slider, red eared slider, wonderful pets

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