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Scum-eating pond turtles?

I have a friend who has a large outdoor pond. She is looking for something to help with the scum on the top. She's a huge animal lover, and has goats, dogs and cats right now. She's looking at turtles, frogs or ducks. Which one do you think would be the best? And, if she gets turtles, which would be best to be in an outdoor (unheated) pond? Thanks guys.
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Im not sure if there is a turtle that eats the scum or gunk that can be found in the pond, most turtles that live in ponds usually require a filter to keep the water clean and healthy because the cleaner you keep the pond, the healthier your turtles will be. Have your friend tried looking at possibly other cold water fish that might do the work. As for frogs im not completely sure, and i don't think a duck would appreciate a mucky pond .

Has she thought about asking her local pet show or trying to get in touch with someone who deals with aquatic animals and know a possible solution to her problem and brighten her pond some more

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Hmm, okay. I figured there were probably some aquatic turtles that were used to living in wildlife ponds without filters and such. We'll have to do some more looking for her. Thanks for the info.
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I agree ... a turtle definitely wouldn't work ... one would only increase the need for filtration ...

Speaking of which ... why doesn't your friend make a filter? There are many free DIY plans available on the net if she cannot afford to purchase one.
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Hehe, a turtle, if anything, will create more scum. They are incredibly messy, and can be destructive if you have aquatic plants like lilys and will likely eat any fish or frogs in the pond, but not any sort of scum.

If the water quality is poor enough for scum to form, frogs likely wouldn't survive very well. They have very porous skin, and will absorb any bacteria or chemicals that can build up in a contained water system like ammonia and nitrates. If it was a good enough spot, its pretty common for frogs to find it on their own anyway, especially if it stays full all year round and makes a good breeding pool. Tadpoles eat algae and decaying plant matter, adult frogs generally eat insects - so no scum solution there anyway.

I've never kept ducks, but I've seen the mess they can create - I can't imagine they would help the problem either, though, stirring the water up some on a regular basis might help.

Trying to track down the source of the scum is probably the only real option, which can be pretty frustrating in an outdoor, hard to control environment. Is something like waste from other animals leeching into it? It is so hard to guess.


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