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Some help please! or Information

Hi! Ray really wants to get a turtle. When we were in Conneaut we sawa turtle that was just a bit bigger then a half dollar. Does anyone have any idea what kind of turtle that could have been? What kind of supplies do we need? Is there anything special I should concider? I am going to try and do some research after work, but am hoping someone knowledge (Hi Toirt) will come along and tell me what needs to be done!

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Capn, I have always wanted a turtle. We had a toirtis/box turtle when I was a kid, but we didnt really take care of it like we should have. We just let it wander around the house. It lived for about a year as I remember. Since then I have not had turtles except for red-eared-sliders. They are cute, but require and elaborate system that must be cleaned often if they are kept inside. I just can't do it.

Before you get a turtle I highly reccomend doing research. This will help you determine what kind of turtle/toirtis you want to get. Toirt will give good advice no doubt, but personal research is always good.

Keep us informed. I am bound and determined to get a turtle/toirtis later in life. Just like I want a dog, a cat, a prairie dog, and 2 kids. We are going to have a full house, and I am going to be a busy mommy.
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Zoe and Erin have a red-earred slider that they just love. It does have pretty good bit of personality. It lives in a 40-gallon high aquarium with a heater and a pump for the water, but she also has plenty of rocks so that she can get up out of the water when she chooses.

I don't know a whole lot about turtles, but if you'd like to send me a PM, I'll send you Erin's email address and you can quiz her. (I talked to her and got an okay on this offer!).



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Okay. Ray is under the veiw that turtles needs some rocks adn some water and that is it. He never realized how much they needed. A Box Turtle is more likely what we will go with, but I think it will be best if we wait until we move out.

I thought about starting with a small tank set up then moving to something bigger when we move in March, but I'd rather wait. let us get settled into our house, and set up a kick *ss turtle enviroment. Plus with planning a wedding and moving in the next 7 months, I don't want to take on another pet. because although it would be HIS turtle, iI know I will be doing the research, care and maintence.

What size tank should we be looking for? Can I find box turtles as babies(I mean smalllike the one I saw at Conneaut)? Are turtles social animals, like should I get 2 for their happiness?(Is that a dumb question)

Plus next summer, we are hoping to have a yard-and a little pond, would I be able to take my turtle out?

I hope my questions aren't dumb. Maybe I will get ray the tank, and lights or something for Christmas.

Red Eared sliders are concidered docile, I a m looking at them. This one site says 2 adults could go in a 20 galloon aquarium? Do you think they are just saying that to get you buy them and they'd be unhappy?

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If you click on Red eared sliders adults, it will say 2 adults. For RES babies it says 2+ can live in a 10 gallon. I found a really could turtle forum I am lurking on right now........That would make you proud I think!

Thanks for all your help! I really do apreciate it! Would there be a special kind of paint I'd have to buy for the outside and would a 40 gallon-60 gallon also be good for a RES?

I wouldn't leave the turtle out side by itself Toirt! But at the site I am at, i am reading abotut the ponds where the turtles live year round, That is crazy. I'd be too nervous! Plus it is too cold here, they have to hibernate!
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Thanks Toirt. I really do apreciate all your help!
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