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Thank you everyone.

I couldn't find a adoption in my area but I did go to a pet shop that specializes in Exotics and Reptiles (

I got a Russian Tortoise hatchling, aprox 4-6wks. He is doing great so far. I have him in a large "critter cage" right now. I'm using a "Jungle Ground" bedding, which was recommended by the reptile specialist at 2 different pet shops. The cage has a basking spot at 90F and I'm keeping the rest of the cage between 80-85F. Should the cage be kept at this or is it okay to turn the lights off at night? He is eating well; I got endive and escarole at the grocery store and cleaned it, chopped it up and sprinkled calcium on it before putting it in his cage this morning. Do I leave it in there all day for him to nibble?

My boys have been awesome with him. I do keep the baby away for now, except for a pet and immediate handwashing now and again. They named him "Dash", lol, and understand the importance of keeping him warm and washing their hands everytime they're done touching him. Dash has been very personable, he crawls around his cage and in an area we have made on the floor. He also likes to burrow in the substrate. How often should I soak him?

Again, thank you and any advice you have to offer please do! I want to make sure I am doing this right and teaching my children the correct way to care for Dash as well! I already told them they may be handing him down to their children!
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I was thinking about getting a russian tortoise once but I decided that it was way too long of commitment for me, I mean at least 50 years! Anyway, I joined this russian tortoise group on yahoo. Its run by a couple different Tortoise rescues and I learnt so much. I mean these people know what they are doing.

You should check it out for all your questions.
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I'm not familiar with Jungle Ground bedding. However, if it is not digestible, I wouldn't use it. Impaction is a major cause for tortoise mortality. I always kept mine on Purina Rabbit pellets. That way if they ingested any, it was good for them. It's also like clumping cat litter when it gets wet.

For night time, I recommend using a ceramic heat bulb. They emit only heat, no light, so you can use them around the clock without disturbing the light cycle. What's more, they use much less electricity and last far longer than heat lamps. They are also much less fragile.

Turnip, mustard and collard greens are three of the best (commonly available) foods for most herps. Wild Dandelions and Plantains (the weed, not the banana) are even better. I'd grow them in large organic areas for my torts. Those greens have the most favorable Calcium to Phosporus ratio which is very important. A weekly sprinkle of any herp vitamin is a great additon. Don't let any green get too wilted, in some it can cause toxins to form. Replace the food twice/day and don't leave it in overnight. Here is a table for the relative nutrition of most foods in relation to their suitability for tortoises: Nutrient Analysis of Replacement Turtle and Tortoise Foods

Here is a site dedicated to rasing young tortoise hatchlings, it should answer most of your questions. Darrell Senneke is one of the best authorities out there on raising young tortioses. Hatchling Haven

I loved my Russian's, when I was home they had the run of my house ...and they always found there way to the kitchen for feedings. I think they are among the smartest of the tortoises. While they do need water and an occasional soak, it's very important that you keep the overall humidity low for them.

In some parts of their range, they may aestivate as much as nine months out of the year. For this reason, when they are awake, they (should) have a great urge to eat. Mine were major chow hounds. I wouldn't recommend trying to induce hibernation in one so young, or until you've got a few years of keeping under your belt. It won't hurt them to stay awake for a couple of years or so.


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Thank you!
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