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Very small turtle or tortoise

does anyone know are there any really small turtle or tortoise speices? that can be kept in a smaller tank? OR that can be kept in side in a tub thing and i was wondering if anyone lets their tortoise free roam and if they can be potty trained (basicly can i find one that is appartment friendly that doesnt need a 50-80 gal tank



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well u can get a musk/stinkpot turtle which grows to about 4 or 5 inches depending on which species u get. i think also its misissipi maps that grow to i think 5 inches and u can have turts live in rubbermaid tubs. they work just as well as aquariums. make sure its big enuf for the turtle tho.
russian tortoises stay 4 inches and thats good becuz compared to other tortoise species, they stay small
they can roam free but if its warm outside, they shud be kept in a pen in order to get uvb lighting which hlps their shells grow healthy. before letting them in ur house, u can give them a bath with warm water and they will prolly use the bathroom there and will be ok for the night. they can roam free, just make sure their in a safe area =]
sry if this post is a bit confusing, but if u have any questions, feel free to ask =]
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uhmm well basically any animal can be trained if u put in the right amount of effort.. and also most turtles keep growing unless u stunt there growth and keep them in a smaller container than they have to have ( not a good idea bad for theirhealth)

i will find you Lucky. :[ <3
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Reeve's Turtles are a small species of water turtle. They tame well and have very distinct personalities. I think they are probably the best species for captive, indoor tanks.

There are small species of tortoises, and you can let them roam your apartment, but there are hazards like electrical cords and getting stuck under furniture that you can't always foresee or prevent. In general, tortoises are not good indoor pets. Few people have the resources to take care of them adequately.

Oh, and while some may consider it theoretically possible to potty train a tortoise, in practical terms, it's not possible. We can do it easily with mammals like cats and dogs that use their feces and urine to mark their territories. In that case, we're merely modifying existing behaviors, we aren't really teaching new behaviors. Teaching that behavior to an animal that just goes whenever and wherever is a much more difficult proposition. I'd say you might have luck with some of the larger, more cognitive species like Galapagos or Sulcatas.


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potty train, potty trained

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