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African Dwarf Frog in my Aquarium

hey guys, just added a ADF to my 35gallon aquarium, sits about a foot and a half feet tall by about two and a half feet long and a foot back. very interesting amphibian, what with the "Zen Position" that made he think he was dead this morning lol.. I was wondering if my frog would do ok by himself with all the fish, or if i should get him a friend or two? and whats the ebst thing to feed them?
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also, he's been chillin up on this lilipad with his head out of the water all day.. barely moved. my filters a little noisy/vibraty.. how big a deal will he make of this? +13hour light cycle.
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is a little "special"
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Its really best to give ADF their own tank- they dont do very well in large tanks with other fish, becuase they have a big problem finding food, and the fish almost always eat the frogs food before the frog can even find it. He might have problems getting to the top to breathe too, because your tank is so tall.
Im not 100% sure on ADFs cuz I havent had one in a while, but I know their larger cousins- the African Clawed Frog- acually get very stressed out by having a constant vibrating current, because there is virtually no current in the water they live in in the wild.
Frozen (NOT freezedried) blood worms or brine shrimp are great foods for ADF. You do not want to feed them fish food.
IMO, It would be alot better to keep your frog in a 5-10 gallon tank with just a few friends of his own kind.

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Will It Ever Change?
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i have 3 adf in my tank, with a bristlenose pleco and two paradise gourami. the zen position is a total riot, i agree!! they like the company of other adf, i used to only have one, but when i got 2 more, they got a bit livelier and they like to zen-float together. i got around the feeding issue too. it's true, they the slowest things at finding food, even when i've dropped it right on their heads. what i do is make sure to feed the obviously hungry things first. then they relax and settle down because they're full. so after about ten minutes i feed the frogs, same location every time so that they know where to go (speeds their lazy bums up a bit). they get filled up and the other things that are usually a "food threat" are simply chilling out all ready full.

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dwarf frog

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