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African Dwarf Frogs Not Eating (I think)

Hello everyone,

I recently got two African Dwarf frogs from a pet store that I trust. I got one this past Sunday and the other on Monday, so they have been in the tank for 4 and 3 days respectively. My tank is a 10-gallon, and it has a couple of zebra danios and a couple of neon tetras in it as well. It's a pretty well-established tank, so all cycling has completed.

When I first got the frogs, the employee said that they would eat the fish flakes and be fine. Well I tried that, but of course, the fish ate them first, so another trip to the pet store found me with a container of shrimp pellets that the employee said the frogs go nuts for. The first few times I dropped a couple of pellets in, the fish would go after them. That has stopped now, and now the fish don't really touch them (I guess they don't taste good to fish). But, the frogs don't touch them either. I have seen a pellet in one of the frogs mouths once, but the fish were "pecking" at him so bad that he let it go.

I was reading online that placing the pellets near the frogs with some feeding tongs would work, so that's what I've been trying to do, but they just act like the food isn't there. Once, I dropped a pellet in with the tongs, it floated into the frog, pretty much hit him in the face, and he didn't flinch. Other times, it will be laying at their feet and they do nothing.

So my question is, is this normal? Are they probably eating the pellets when I'm not around? I don't ever see old pellets sitting around in the tank, but I'm not sure if they are just dissolving or the frogs are getting them eventually. I just don't want these guys to starve to death. What should I do?
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we feed our frogs frozen shrimp in the pet store, they love it as do the fish in tank...they go nuts for it seems to be thier favorite, they also eat bloodworms....I was told that they wouldn't eat the flakes, and I put pellets in but those are for the plecotomus and the loaches

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I have an african clawed frog (pretty much the gigantic version of your frog LOL!) and I feed him bloodworms... When I had my ADFs I always heard that you shoul feed them bloodworms too... have you tried those yet??
If you havent, make sure you buy frozen bloodwoms and NOT freezedried ones!

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Also, make sure you thaw any frozen food in a little bit of tank water before feeding it.

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Yeah, that's normal...a lot of dwarf frogs don't like pellets (and they aren't the best thing for them anyway). I would try frozen (not freeze-dried) foods like suggested .

Mine went NUTS for frozen krill and also liked bloodworms, brine shrimp, and mysis shrimp. If the fish keep eating all the food you may have to find a way to separate them at feeding time or move the frogs to their own tank.

Unfortunately, this is the reason that African dwarf frogs aren't the best for a community tank. It just makes feeding really difficult in a lot of cases.


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