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Beginner frog/toad owner

Hello all, I'm new here. I've never considered taking frogs/toads from outside to be kept as pets but I've only just discovered that a lot of people really do this and it's allowed (for some).

Anyway, earlier this week I caught what I THINK is an American Toad(let). It's very small and I figured out today the best way to feed it might be to put it outside in the grass (right where I found it actually) inside a play pen (that I originally fashioned for rats). Then it could feed on little insects that it sees in the grass without getting away. I've seen it eat so I'm considering keeping it, if it hadn't I was just going to let it go free again.

Also, there's a ton of Northern Leopard Frogs up here. When you're walking up nature trails tons of them hop away from you. I was thinking of trying to get one or two as well.

Anyway, my main question: Is there anyone here that keeps either American Toads or Northern leopard frogs? If there is, how do you deal with the winter situation when they are supposed to hibernate? Or do you just let them go free in the fall and get some more next season? OR is it okay to just keep them at room temperature? Anyone???
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First, I would check on the regulations in your area.

Second, I would try to duplicate the environment that the frog lives in. You might be able to find specific information for you species here:

Third, I would not feed your frog or future frogs outside. You won't be able to guarantee the quaility of the bugs. You can purchase various size crickets either from your local pet store or through the internet. I reccommend

As soon as you get your crickets, you will want to feed them a high quality cricket food. The better you feed your crickets, the better you feed your frogs.

If you are able to post pictures, we are suckers for pictures.

I hope my comments help.

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Thanks for your comment. I'll be in Massachusetts and any amphibians may be lawfully kept as long as they're not rare (which they're not, AmToad or NLFrog). I've started feeding it flightless fruit flies and small crickets. I'm currently living on a wildlife refuge (VT) so the insects around here seem okay (tons of frogs/toads right outside my door). But once I'm back in Mass it'll be back to only buying live food for them. The reptile food site you suggested looks awesome. I'll definitely get some stuff there. Thanks again!
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local pet store, pet store

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