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Bird Voiced Treefrog

Bird-voiced Treefrog
Hyla avivoca

Description 1 1/8-2 1/8" (2.9-5.2 cm). Greenish, brownish, or shades of gray, with darker blotches on back; dark-edged light spot beneath eye. Hidden surfaces of thigh green to greenish-yellow. Toe pads large.

Subspecies Western (H. a. avivoca), smaller size, white or pale yellow light spot beneath eye; Illinois to Louisiana and w. Florida.
Eastern (H. a. ogechiensis), larger size, yellow or green light spot beneath eye; c. Georgia and sw. South Carolina.

Voice The most beautiful frog call in North America; a resonant, birdlike whistle. Males call while perched on shrubs 3-5' (1-1.5 m) above water.

Breeding March to September.

Habitat Wooded river swamps and bayous. Especially frequent in cypress, tupelo, and other trees that grow in standing water, and creepers that grow among the trees.

Range Extreme s. Illinois southwest to Florida panhandle and south to Louisiana. Isolated populations in ne. Georgia and on the Georgia-South Carolina border.

Discussion Nocturnal. This species is almost never seen except during nighttime choruses; apparently it remains in the treetops during the day. Its skin secretions may cause runny nose and watery eyes in people who handle it.

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I have birds and frogs- do you think together they make one of these?

*okay I am going away now* (lol)
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