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deflated looking frog

Hi, I had a toad that I found outside in wisconsin and today I came home and he looked totally deflated while when I went to work he looked kind of puffy. I have two others that seem fine, but the one that passed looks like hes flat. I also noticed these little white bugs or whatever floating around in the water. I have no idea what these are either. I was hoping that someone could help me with what happened to the deflated toad and what the white things are.

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Frog or toad? Very different animals with very different care needs... but anyway, there's really only one species of toad native to Wisconsin, but several species of frogs.

When amphibians die, they usually quickly lose a lot of their body moisture, and with the lack of any muscle rigidity, they tend to look "deflated" and limp. As for what happened to him, it could have been any number of things. Sometimes stress alone can be enough. Amphibians are relatively fragile creatures, and often can be quite challenging to keep in captivity. Without any kind of history of where he's been, what he's eaten, and how he's been cared for, it's hard to even guess at.

Same goes for the 'little white things'. Kind of hard to make a guess without more information. Were they bugs? Little worms? If they were little bugs, they're likely some kind of wood eating bug, termites or the like. If they were worms, they could likely be some kind of fly larvae. Maybe even something that the toad ate before he passed away that came out of him after death.

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deflated frog

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