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Frog Question

Hey there, I have owned 2 frogs for about 2 years now. Yet I can't seem to place the species. I dont remember what the label said at the store, I am assuming that they are White's Tree Frogs because that is the closest they look to it. They are also juveniles (I think) and I was wondering if anyone here could help in identification and possibly some advice on tank setup and feeding if they are indeed White's Tree Frogs. The tank I have for them right now has a blue pea gravel base of about 2 inches, a rock fixture in the center, a medium sized water dish, 3 long and large assorted branches to climb on with plastic plants providing shade and cover. I have a lamp on top of the cage and I mist the cage to provide some humidity for them. Below are the pictures of my little frog buddies. hopefully I havent been killing them slowly! Thanks in advance!
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They look like White's Tree Frogs to me. They are also known as Dumpy Tree frogs. I'm not too sure about using the gravel unless you feed them in a separate tank. I'm not sure on the perfect substrate yet. I would love to have frogs again and set up a completely natural environment using pete moss, the real stuff not the dried. I originally used a soft dirt substrate with gravel on the bottom for drainage and had live plants growing in the dirt. I had to replace them often because plants just don't seem to like me too much.

As far as feeding mine would only eat crickets just because they moved around a lot. I tried wax worms several times and meal worms but they didn't move enough and only two were ever eaten. If you aren't sure what size crickets to give them you should always side on the smaller side. I think by the pictures yours could eat smaller mediums. They are younger so I would feed them more often. I think it is supposed to be every 3 -4 days and as they get older it cuts down to once a week. I would ration out how many crickets they get because they definitely can over eat and actually die from that.
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Thanks a bunch! I really appreciate it. I feed them 2 times a week with about 1-2 dozen small crickets, they absolutly love them so I keep feeding them small crickets. I just needed to know what type they were so I didn't kill them by improper feeding or housing.

Thanks again!
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Yup they look like Whites Dumpy's to me too. Have fun with them. I am thinkin bout getting a couple treefrogs myself or a couple of variegated (christmas) toads.

As for the gravel substrate you would be wise to change them to something like Bed-A- Beast not only will it make the tank more natural looking it will also help with controlling the humidity. Also is less harmful if accidentally ingested.

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meal worms, tree frog

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