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HELP! Dwarf frog care

I desperatly need help and information. Here is my story:
I had 2 dwarf frogs, I decided to get them a bigger tank and a buddy. I got help from the pet store, got a 1 gallon tank, had my H20 tested, and everything. Both frogs were okay for the first day, but frog #1 suddenly died two days ago. All I have left is frog 3, named Lunch (long story behind the name)
Lunch was very happy and then I noticed the tank water went down to 68 degrees. I went out and got a small heater and within 5 hours the temp was 76. My mom got scared about the sharp increase in temp. and took the heater out. The frog is now huddled under a rock not moving unless i hit the tank pretty hard. Suddenly there are these fluffy almost balls of fuzz floating all over the tank that were not there 3 hours ago. What is going on? I am willing myself not to be a serial frog killer. I desperatly need help as to care for these animals. Also what do I do about the heat? Was it too quick a rise in temp?

How is it that I can keep a cat and an elderly dog healthy and not be able to care for a frog????
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sadly, reptiles and amphibians are much more delicate that a cat or dog

It is hard to heat such a small tank, i hope you can get a bigger one. you need to cycle your water there are threads about how to do that and i think a sticky... i'm no help there, someone else will be able to help more.


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Ok so Lunch is moving around and swimming, but what are those little balls of fuzz? She is shedding, but this is something else. I need tips on how to care for her and keep her healthy. I took the heater out and she is doing fine, but what about when the water hits 68 again? I don't want to shock her with the temperature change by reheating it, but at the same time, the tank is too cold.
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As Kendalle said such a small tank is hard to heat up properly. Heaters are usually made for bigger tanks. You might want to think about getting a bigger tank. It doesn't need to be huge but just big enough for a small heater to work properly. Anothr option is to keep the room temperature quite high so the water would stay at the right temperature without the need of a jeater (but again heating a room will be much more expensive than just getting a bigger tank). That's really al I can think of at the moment. Lots of luck!
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First off, you NEED a bigger tank! Its impossible to keep stable water conditions and temperature in a tank that tiny... Thats probably why your 1st frog died too- The bare minimum for those frogs is one per gallon, and your tank was probably on bio-overload.
A 5 1/2 gallon will work well for your frog and a few friends. Cycle your tank, put in your heater, and I assure you your frog will be much happier. ^^
As for fuzzy balls... I honestly dont know. My ACF eats his skin when he sheds, but ADF dont have such extreme appetites, so I dont know what he would do...
The only thing I can think of is that fish sometimes get a wierd film around them when they die that can come off and float around, but that probably doesnt help! XD

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First off get a bigger tank, 1 gallon of water is way to unstable and easily overloaded.Heaters are made for bigger tanks.Get at least a 5 gallon.The bigger the tank the more stable it is.

The white fuzz sounds like a fungal infection, water changes and a bigger cycled tank.

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