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How do I feed ADFs?

In a 10 gal tank with 3 ADFs and a Black Mystery Snail (no fish to steal the food)

I know what to feed them (bloodworms, frog pellets, etc) I just can't get them to eat

Anyway, I bought freeze dried bloodworms, thinking they'd be easy enough to feed to them (and not be frozen and disgusting). Turns out they float...
Anyway, so I put them in a cup of tank water and tried using small, very solf medical tweezers I have and wiggled the soft (but floaty) worms infront of them. All I get is a blank stare, a usual frog twitch, and sometimes a jump up for air... like I wasn't even there. I know they're hard of sight, but the internet made it look like they gobble anything infront of them up.

Anyway, I got them on Thursday afternoon, and fed them fish flakes (I know they're bad, but I didn't have any food at the time), the next morning the water was brown, but most of them were gone. I figure they ate something. I don't want to feed them fish flakes always as it is bad for them and dirties the water.

Tommorow I'm going to get frozen Blood Worms. Since the ADFs are alone (other than Mr. Snail) can I just drop the defrosted worms in and they'll sink, and eventually the frogs will get them?

They don't show any signs of illness. They swim around frequently (at 9pm right before I go to bed ) and the PH and temp are both fine. They don't nip at eachother (or the snail), and I assume the pet shop (not a chain store, a real store with people who know their fish) fed them, so I think they'll be fine hunger wise. I just want them to be healthy and happy.
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It sounds more like the flakes dissolved--the frogs most likely didn't eat them.

I haven't tried freeze-dried bloodworms but mine always loved frozen ones so hopefully you'll see some change then . Using a turkey baster to target feed them is another technique you could try.

Here's a list of foods my frogs liked, for reference: frozen/live bloodworms, frozen mysis shrimp, frozen brine shrimp, frozen krill, live blackworms, live small earthworms

Oh, and don't forget to test ammonia/nitrite/nitrate. Those parameters are often more important than pH/temps when it comes to freshwater animals .


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Do not feed your frogs anything freeze dried! Frozen, live, or pelleted only!
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With my ACF's I generally feed only live food, but with my ADF's I love using sinking pellets because with a little push they sink to the exact spot you want them & my boy loves 'em AND can always find them. I LOVE the "HBH frog and tadpole bites."
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