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Looking for Info. on Frogs

Does anyone have any helpful advice or website links that provide really good info. on frogs? I just ordered an Eclipse 1 bio-filtered/lighted hood for my 10 gal. tank, so Rusty (my male Beta)will be moving into it soon and get some compatible playmates. I'd like to add a frog to his tank, but if it's not advisable, then I can put Mr. Froggie in Rusty's old 2 gal. tank, and later upgrade him to a 5-6 gal. setup.

I'm interested in the tiny frogs that pretty much stay small, and, of course, I need to read up on their habits and behavior, as well as environment and feeding requirements.

Thanks for any help you guys and girls can provide!
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It probably isn't a good idea to put anything in a tank with a beta ... they prefer to be alone. If you'd like a good starter frog for an independant enclosure though I'd recommend a firebelly toad -- there is a lot of info out there on them so it makes it easier on beginners.
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Kuel! TY! I'll do a search on the Firebelly right now.
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Elfomatic, were you referring to the Chinese Fire-Bellied Toad? I've located some info. on those, but just wanted to double-check. Thanks!
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People prefix their names with various titles but yes... in general just the "Firebelly Toad" and if Chinese is attached that's fine too

Space is also nice for frogs... what size tank is being considered for it right now?

Usually FBTs (firebellied toads) get started out with a 5 gallon tank so you can have more than one...

This is what we did with a 55 to house several of them...

They have a lot of SOFT landmass and then a little waterfall that leads down into their mini "pond"

The key is providing the frogs with a low level of water area so they can swim and float while also providing a good land area where they can relax and hunt... They'll need crickets and crickets tend to drown in the water .... Frogs only like live crickets... quite the dilemma lol

A quote from a basic care sheet located at:
Tank Requirements:
Firebelly toads should be kept in a 10 gallon tank or larger. A recommended substrate for these amphibians, is moss. Gravel should only be used in the water area of the tank. Because of their small size, many people may be tempted to keep them in a smaller tank, say a 5 gallon tank. But, because a 10 gallon tank is hard enough to keep in balance, anything smaller can be near impossible to keep balanced. It is much easier to control temperature, humidity, bacteria and disease in a larger tank than a small one. A firebelly toad's tank can be arranged in many different ways, here are some ideas:
I agree with everything noted in the quote... though I have seen people keep a couple of toads successfully in a 5 gallon tank... it really is a bit more complicated....
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TY also, Deb! I'll do some more research on that. I LOVE your setups! Very nice!

Oh, and, Elfomatic, actually there's quite a few fish that are compatible with a male Beta (as long as it's not another male Beta). Yeah, I was surprised to learn that myself. Some people have gone beyond the extreme and unexpected ... quite amazing how the fish responded to each other in community tanks. The current rules of thumb are basic as to the size and types of critters which are compatible, but there's always exceptions. A lot of it has to do with the setup, care and feeding, all of which can alter the male Beta's attitude.
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