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Need some help

Ok... I looked at my new frog this morning and its really swollen. (Its abdomen) I called petsmart where I got him and they said to soak him in water for 10 min. I'm soaking him but I wanted to see what you guys say. He hasn't eaten a lot in the past few days, just one - three crickets. They think he might be blocked.

Anyone know anything about this?
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Hmmm ... he might be impacted ... I would get to a herp vet if you could ... impactions are deadly. How big were the crickets you fed him ... ? They shouldn't be any bigger than the space between the eyes ...

I really don't know what else to tell you accept to consult a vet ... I hope your frog gets better!!
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I echo Elf's advice. I too hope your frog gets better. I've had two lizards die of impaction.
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Well after I posted this I looked at him again and he just looked so awful (like he was going to pop!) So I took him back to petsmart (which is what they want you to do within the first two weeks if anything happens. They gave him some stuff (it said acidophilus on the jar) and he started peeing with in 10 min and I mean.. he peed a LOT He was back to normal shape with in 20 min, but his color was still really pale and he still wasn't moving around too much. He did do one really good jump from her hand to my shirt LOL We decided that he would stay there tonight and I'll go back tomorrow and get him. I think hes going to be just fine... I got him there in time. I'm going to look more into feeding and stuff. He had two crickets and they were TINY crickets. I put 5 in there but he only had the two. They think it might be an internal problem. I'll have to really keep an eye on him. I'm not sure how old the frog is. I'm sure they've just been feeding crickets. I will be trying to give him a more varried diet tho. I'm sure that would help. I was keeping him moist and warm. They dont think it was anything I did or didn't do. We will see how he is tomorrow tho. Thanks!
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