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Exclamation Pacman Disease help?

I just got an albino pacman from a wholesale petsmart and its skin looks really dry. The best way to describe it is like... translucent stale cheese. I mist the aquarium, it's well heated with good substrate and fresh unchlorinated water. He eats like a beast and hops around when he's scared, so really nothing is wrong but his skin looks weird. Maybe the lights are too hot? Maybe the store didn't take care of it well? Maybe it's just the color of an albino i'm not too experienced. Someone help?
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It sounds like you are doing right by him ... how is his behavior? Is he eating? I wouldn't worry TOO much about the skin color. He is probably fine unless the skin itself looks kind of cloudy .... then he might actually be sick. However, as long as he is behaving fine then I'd wait and see what happens ... you never know, he might just be ready to shed. That could explain a lot.

Any sort of albino reptile is harder to maintain than it's "normal" counterparts. They are much more sensitive to light. Their skin is more sensitive to burning and their eyes are more sensitive to direct light. This is something to keep in mind. Make sure he's got a shady spot where he can rest his eyes as well as escape unwanted heat.
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Hmm never thought of the light thing. I've been keeping a steady light on him, that's probably the problem. He seems fine, and I just bought another Pacman just like him. The color is the same, so I think it's just his color. Thanks a lot.
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