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Rio Grande Lepard Frog

The Rio Grande leopard frog is a pale green frog with large dark spots between russet dorsolateral ridges. The dorsolateral ridges are interrupted and inset medially just anterior to the groin. They have a poorly defined light line along the upper jaw towards the eye. During the breeding season, males have enlarged forearms and swollen, darkened thumbs with a darkened thumb base (nuptial pads). Total length ranges from 5.7 - 10.2 cm (2.25 - 4 in). The Rio Grande leopard frog, nocturnal and diurnal, often hides in aquatic vegetation such as cattails. They are well adapted to arid conditions and are explosive breeders when rains come. Breeding can occur almost any month of the year. The female attaches egg masses to submerged vegetation.

Call: A loud, low-pitched rattle lasting 0.5 to 0.7 seconds, like prrrrrrrt with tongue against roof of mouth which are evenly spaced and repeated several times in a row with short pauses in between. May also give a short rasping or squealing call in a low pitch repeated several times in a row, sounding like the rubbing of a balloon.
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breeding season

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