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About a week ago I adopted my first toad. I really have no idea what type he is though. I'm just wondering if it is concern that he hasn't eaten since I have gotten him, I have two crickets and a meal worm in his cage? Also is it best to keep a dish of water in there for him or spray him with a mister every few hours? Right now I have a dish in there and he seems to enjoy just wading in it. I couldn't really find any of these answers online which is why I'm asking here. Thanks for any help you might have.
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Care is going to vary a little depending on species, a picture would help greatly to identify him... but anyway... most toads are quite happy to have a shallow dish they can wade in and out of when they want to. I like to keep a box of moist moss aside from the dish, so they can go from dry to damp, to wet if they want. Let them decide.

In my experience, when a toad's enclosure doesn't meet his satisfaction, he will go off feed. If crix and mealies don't get his attention, try wax worms, maybe earth worms... any number of bugs. Just make sure you're careful not to collect anything wild that may have chemicals on it.

The tank should have a substrate he's comfortable with. I tend to use that Bed O' Beast stuff, toads seem to enjoy digging in it and burying themselves up to their eyeballs. It'll help keep humidity up as well. A few rocks, a few things to hide in, you should be good to go. =)

Most people don't really like toads, but I find them rather underrated and full of personality.


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Thanks for all that great advice, i'll have to try out some of those things.
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