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Question What do you feed your ADF(s) & what is your routine or method?

Hello! Once again I have posted this on a different message board in case it seems familiar to anyone, just trying to find out as much info as possible. I'm a new ADF caretaker with still some newbie questions to ask, posted something earlier about tap water conditioner.

I would love to read about what some of you feed your frog(s) and what sort of preparation, methods, routines, or techniques you use. I've had two ADFs since Dec. 23rd, they started out with pellets but once I introduced them to frozen brine shrimp and frozen bloodworms they quickly decided the pellets weren't quite as tasty as they first thought - they've become expert pellet spitters.

"What I've been doing and feeding" :

I feed them every other day, so far I've been feeding them frozen brine shrimp & frozen blood worms. Read a lot about HBH tadpole food I believe, I didn't buy HBH but bought the brand Zoo Med Aquatic Frog & Tadpole food because the pellets were smaller than the HBH which I thought would be easier to eat. They ate them the first time I introduced them, but now spit them out. I'm thinking about finely grounding them and mixing it in with the frozen brine or bloodworms since it seems it has a lot of important protein and nutrients. I have freeze dried bloodworms but only one frog will eat them because they only float and this particular frog is a surface eater. A member has just mentioned that too much freeze dried bloodworms can cause constipation, I don't offer them that often and usually only 4 at a time since it has trouble locating them.

I gather pellet size clumps of frozen brine shrimp on the end of a toothpick, and get it as close as possible to my frogs heads. Maybe I'm wrong or maybe I'm just babying the frogs, but I feel the bloodworms are too long for them to handle so I will usually section them up into smaller portions. They love the bloodworms, but I read an article that mentioned that bloodworms can carry a bacteria that can harm them. Anyone have any info or know if this applies to frozen worms? I've also read that they are not very nutritious so to try to feed them a variety of foods.

Ah! My message is already super long! Really need to work on shortening my messages! Thanks to anyone who's still reading =].

Here are some of my questions:

~ What do you feed your frogs - what is the variety?

~ How often do you feed your frogs, and how often of each item do you feed to them? (Like if it's a treat or maybe a specialty food that you don't feed often).

~ What fish meats do you feed? Are frozen fish fillets safe? How do you feel about canned tuna fish, or albacore tuna? (I would like to try Tilapia and Salmon). Please also talk about shrimp like the cocktail style shrimp if anyone feeds that.

~ Anything important I should know about regarding feeding fish meat or shrimp to them?

~ What worms do you feed them?

~ I'm limited to Petco since I don't have a well equipped aquarium store close to my area. I know stock varies from store to store, but anyone familiar with Petco products and what sort of food I should be able to find there that may be good?

~ Can you talk a little about your feeding method or routine? Such as: Do you just dump it in, do you have a special area, do you hand feed each one at a time? Finger or do you have some sort of utensil?

~ Am I babying my frogs by making the bloodworms smaller?

I've kept a large section of a corner in the tank bare to get them use to feeding there, and easier for me to clean. Been going ok so far expect for my surface feeder tends to slowly drift away from the feeding zone, but I think he knows where the buffet is located.

Feel free to answer any or all, thanks and congratulations to anyone who read this entire thing!

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When I kept African dwarf frogs I fed the following frozen foods: brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, bloodworms, and krill. They also got live pinhead crickets, fruit flies (but that's because I was already raising some for my dart frogs), small phoenix worms, and blackworms. I fed them a few times a week and gave them what they could eat in a minute or two. I never fed freeze-dried foods because they're not as nutritious as frozen or live.

I never offered mine fish. I doubt they catch and eat many fish in the wild so it's probably unnecessary. As for shrimp, maybe try live ghost shrimp. My turtle loves them.

I had three frogs and only one would find food on her own. I had to hand-feed the others using tweezers.

Nah, you're not babying them. If that makes it easier for them to eat, go for it.


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My daughter received 2 Brookstone frogs as a gift. I could tell she wasn't as excited about them as I was! After doing some quick research I realized how inhumane the small containers were. I had to work 12 hour shifts after the holidays and didn't have a lot of time to do aquarium research. This is what I came up with the day after Christmas. It was supposed to be a temporary fix, but I really like it, and the frogs seem quite happy.

I found a 2 gallon glass cookie jar with a lid. I placed flat glass "pebbles" (you see them in vases etc.) on the bottom and filled the jar with spring water. I save the jug and just refill it with tap water which I then treat with Novaqua+ and Amquel+ and just let it sit until the next water change.

I vented the lid by placing a few "chunks" of mounting tape on the edges so that the cookie jar is no longer airtight, but the lid will prevent them from hopping out. I also found a nice aquarium "centerpiece" It looks like a piece of driftwood with some silk leaves attached. (I read that plastic plants could harm their delicate skin)

I also found a 50 watt thermostat controlled aquarium heater. At first I was concerned about the small size of the container, but with a thermostat 75 degrees is 75 degrees, right? The wattage of the heater itself shouldn't really matter. I made sure I was around to monitor it the first day, and it works like a charm.

I also placed a small (2 inch diameter) terra cotta dish in there. I just drop the pellets into the dish so they don't sink into the rocks. It helps keep the tank cleaner too because I don't get a bunch of food sinking to the bottom. I was using the pellets that came with the frogs. Just tried frozen bloodworms today. They loved them. I thawed them out in a small cup with tank water in it. I'm not sure if it's a good thing, but since there were so many worms in 1 cube, I got a bunch of plastic shot glasses and separated the worms into smaller portions and refroze them...lol...my super-meticulous husband doesn't know they're in the freezer yet! I covered water/wormfilled shots with plastic wrap and them placed them in a plastic container which I put back in the freezer. I feed them every other day.

I change out 50% of the water once or twice a week. I just got a turkey baster and use it to "clean" the bottom as I draw out water and then replace it with clean water. It's been a month...so far so good. If anyone thinks I'm doing something incorrectly, feel free to comment.
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Hi, thanks for your reply. If all you are feeding the frogs are the pellets which my frogs hate, and frozen bloodworms, I would consider offering a few more stinky frozen goodies. Most will say that the bloodworms are low in nutrition, and though the frogs love them they should really be considered more as a treat and not fed too-too often.

A variety of stuff is good to help make sure they're getting enough nutrients that they may need. Some easy to find pet store foods are: frozen brine shrimp, frozen mysis shrimp, frozen krill. Brine shrimp is terribly messy and will go all over the place, mysis shrimp is a lot cleaner and won't break apart, frozen krill can be little chewy and rubbery so if you try that be sure to offer tiny pieces (it's basically small shrimp).

I've heard the same "treat" information regarding frozen beef heart, most of the above are offered in the same frozen style cubes as the bloodworms, some in small baggies.

And yes, good idea about allowing airflow to reach the inside. Since the frogs do surface to breath it's good to have a nice flow of fresh oxygen reaching their air and water.

When changing the water it's been suggested to make sure the frog's current water and the new water are the same temperature to avoid any sudden changes in temp. or shock, just like when you are in a warm shower then things suddenly turn ice cold! If you don't currently have a thermometer inside, good to have one just to be sure the temps are within the 72 - 80 range, yes 75 is what a lot of places recommend.

Have you read about "cycling"? Possibly since you're not doing full water changes, I have info from the The Aquarium Wiki which I can't post because my post count is still too low, but I will PM them. Very helpful info for newbies.

And unless you have a filter in place and you're testing your water to be sure that all the dangerous levels are in control, you may want to consider doing water changes more often. Maybe about 20% every day or every other day and save the 50% for once a week. I too only use about 2.5 gallons and myself and others with similar set-ups are usually suggested to change the water more often since we are using less water that can dirty up a lot quicker. The comparison I've read which I can't seem to find is something similar to dropping one drop of food coloring in a bathtub filled with water. Takes awhile for it to reach other places or even be noticed, but drop that same single drop in a small glass and it's very noticeable and doesn't take long for it to spread. Waste and harmful elements would replace the drop of food coloring. If you don't already know, many pet stores and aquarium places should offer to test your water for free, my Petco does. A small container for a sample should be fine - even something like a pill bottle would work, just rinse it with treated conditioned water if you think there's residue inside which may affect test results.

There's tons of info online and lots to learn about the frogs and their care which is why Brookstone and Hallmark should not sell them because the care info they provide it so off and completely wrong. I think you should consider looking into all the info I have PM'd you especially if you still feel new and unsure about lots of things, and are still learning as you go along as I am. Lots of helpful things, questions, and answers on there.

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