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well i have two green frogs. ones albino and ones not. they are both less than a year old and im guessing they are a about a month apart in age. anyway the normal frog is a male (he started to sing) and the albino i still dont know what she is although tonight they did this:

as they did this the normal one on the bottom was singing. i dont even think they are sexually mature. are they? what could have stimulated them to do this? ive been changing the hours the light is on so that it matches the daylight outside to make it more natural. could it be that its becoming spring and theres more light in their tank?
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Haha, I've seen frogs do this many times. Have you heard the normal one sing on a regular basis, or just when the other's on top? They only sing when sexually mature, they have no reason to otherwise. It would appear to me like you may have two males though. Horny males looking for some action will sometimes hop on whatever frog happens by, even if that other frog is a male. The "singing" in return is more of a "Hey, get off me!" than anything else. Weak, chirpy singing isn't really singing. When these frogs sing, you'll know it. They'll just sit there belting out sounds and inflating their throats.
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lol. my frogs do this too..only they take turn on who's on the bottom i think it's just nature for them to want to hump... hehe
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how old do frogs need to be to become sexually mature? i know he wasnt actually singing becuase green frogs sound like a banjo and he was a little off. they are also really loud lol
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