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Angry Advice Maybe?

My friend and I own 6 dogs. They are fenced in and they are tried though the night. Our neighbour now has 4 dogs in their yard, 2 tied dogs(that belong to the guy) and 2 dogs that are never tied or fenced in ; (that belong to the girlfriend).
Sense the arrival of their 4th dog in June ( the Begal has been for year +) the two have been lose and "doing their business" in our yard, as well as driving our dogs nuts.
Her father has called the local dog catcher and reported it many times, as well as I've taking their dog home and in a very civil manner told them to keep their dog tied before something has happen.
The Begal has even been picked up by people who don't even live in the area and taking home, thats how long its been going on; people know the dogs/owners that well.
When our 6th dog was rescued just before the holidays we made a vet appointment and just as we got home who should be standing on our lawn nose to nose with our most uneasy dog but their little lose Begal.
After so sniffing and handing the dog over to be placed back in our fenced in portion of the yard I went to the neighbours door. after some less then civil words, involving the girlfriend to keep her dam dogs tired she said less flattering things to me and called her dogs in side. While I was there over the weekend the dog was fenced in with its pups :O but as soon as I left it was back lose baying and teasing our dogs.
Our dogs have been lose but there is always some one trailing behind them leash in hand.
We live just on the out skirts of a town(Digby Nova Scotia) and do not know the exact Bi-laws of the town but I'm 100% sure that all dogs unless indoors or what not must be on a leash.
I'm worried about their dogs safety (being hit or something), our dogs safety ( as I'm sure a fight will brake out) as well as the legal side of it is something was to happen. Is there anything I can do that ensures the safety of their dog to make them tie them?
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the best i think you can do as you have told them its dangerous is call by law and have the dog removed from the grounds.

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