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Assistance Needed w/ "New Shelter Policies" in WY - HELP!

Hello everyone: It's Sherry in Douglas, WY asking for your help. I am polling all shelters to see what their adoption policies/attitude are toward rescue groups and I would like you to saturate Mike Moore of Metro in Casper, and his supervisors, with your comments. They are now in the process of preparing written policy on how they will "handle" rescue people and the animals we try to take from there. Most groups have been charged full adoption fees, unless it is a last minute euthanasia-day-Metro-requested-rescue. (on the way to the dumpster) From what I understand from this business, most rescue people are welcomed and given red carpet treatment at other shelters, given the animals with no costs involved, and contacted when one of their breed is impounded for awhile with no owner coming forward. Not so at Metro. There are various and sundry reasons as to why rescue people have dead last priority at Metro, and I would like to see his thinking changed before Casper City Council puts new limiting and expensive- to-you policies in writing. Right now
we cannot get a dog out unless it is on the way to be put down. No
puppies can leave, period. Option, pay full fees. "HIS PUBLIC" comes first and the "economic reasons" for this are money/no dog.
Just like a pet store. (Yet his patented statement is "I will continue to work with rescue.")
Here's what you can do to help. Please contact the shelters nearest you and ask what they do if you, as a rescue person, came to get a dog out of their shelter. Would you have to pay fees? Could you have the dog right away? Are they neutering before release? Do they check your references? How? All that familiar stuff......and then get back to me with your shelter name and their policies and most of all their ATTITUDE about you. I need some concrete facts.
I know we all work as hard and fast as we can to keep our purebreds and Heinz 57's from death, and we do it at our own expense and in our extra time. We ARE the tax paying public, and we are careful to know our breed, do temperament studies of those we get free, worry about their health, liability issues, transport, and all the rest. They should be contacting us first, not dead last. They should not be rude or nasty to the ladies who come forward to take notes off cage cards and who email, call, or ask for help from breed rescues.
I have had a two day discussion online with Mike Moore manager of Metro (biggest shelter in Wyoming) and he is borderline impossible. I am requesting your help in the interest of ALL of us. We have our own shelter here in Douglas, Wyoming and any group who wants a purebred is contacted immediately to come get it.....before sickness or behavioral problems or depression set in. I understand it is the same in Sheridan and Cheyenne. Correct me if I am wrong. May 5th, we have a workshop in Casper for the new legislation we hope to present to toughen up cruelty laws in Wyo. I am hoping we can have a very candid, honest and very meaningful talk with Mike Moore at this time. If you don't understand what this is all about and what it could cost all of us, call me 307-358-2443 or email me (addr below) for clarification. If you want a copy of his latest edict, I will forward it to you. I have email addresses for he and his immediate supervisor, the council persons and city administrator. If
things don't improve I will be attending a Casper city council meeting, getting on the agenda and then going to the press. I will say it again...I need your help and support, all of you, each of you, and all your known friends who do what we do. Thanks a bunch.

[email protected] this is me

[email protected] this is him
[email protected] his boss
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