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View Poll Results: Would you move to another state where your pets are legal if they became illegal?
Yes 106 78.52%
No 29 21.48%
Voters: 135. You may not vote on this poll

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post #16 of 99 (permalink) Old 05-23-2004, 05:57 PM
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Just because Kangaroos are kept in captive situations, doesn't nessacerily imply that they're being thrown in a standard backyard.

Sugar Gliders definetly take work, but they're needs aren't anything a responsible person can provide.[/QUOTE]
Yes but there would still be a lot of irresponsible owners that wouldn't look after their Sugar Gliders....that's what I was saying. I wasn't talking about the responsible ones.

And with the Kangaroos, well sorry they shouldn't be kept in captivity. They are not pets, they have a very high potential to kill in seconds (and they have done so). I still stand my ground on that one too.

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Originally Posted by RSbunny
Yes but there would still be a lot of irresponsible owners that wouldn't look after their Sugar Gliders....that's what I was saying. I wasn't talking about the responsible ones.

And with the Kangaroos, well sorry they shouldn't be kept in captivity. They are not pets, they have a very high potential to kill in seconds (and they have done so). I still stand my ground on that one too.
When you make blanket laws making animals illegal it also screws all the responsible owners. Many areas require proper licensing to keep exotic animals, which is understandable, but to deny everyone the capacity to keep an animal is infringing on their personal liberties.

Horses and dogs have a high capacity to kill too. As do cars. More people have died from horses or cars than have from large snakes or kangaroos. Its all relevant to being intelligent, responsible, and knowing your animal. I don't think supervelous laws should exist to protect people from their own stupidity.
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post #18 of 99 (permalink) Old 05-31-2004, 04:05 PM
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amazing i just started e-mailing info to all exotic shops i knew of ,so is someone from this forum named melanie . heres what im sending everyone-- June 11th the FDA and CDC imposed a temporary ban on the sale/movement of Prairie Dogs throughout the US due to the outbreak of MonkeyPox Virus which caught National attention. These two agencies of the Federal Government are now inviting comments from the public for a 75 day period regarding making that temporary ban PERMANENT. A copy of the rule can be read at http://www.fda.gov/OHRMS/DOCKETS/98fr/03-27557.htm If you wish to let the Federal Government know your feelings regarding Prairie Dogs as pets then send your comments to http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/script...mentdocket.cfm. The FDA will cease taking comments on Janurary,20 2004. If the permanent rule is enacted, then no more Prairie Dogs will be allowed to be kept as pets. please send comments i have always wanted a prarie dog for years....when i finally had the time and money this happend. i am only 14yrs old but im trying to make a difference in the exotic animal trade....so please tell all your custemors with prarie dogs & all your friends in the buissnes because their opinions count!!!! -Tyler harvey
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I voted yes because I have moved for my pets who weren't exotics at all, but breed ban problems arose...granted that isn't the only reason we moved...we also did it for the kids because where we were didn't have the job opportunities we required in order to sustain ourselves, our kids, or our pets.
I do have chinchillas now along with the 2 pitbulls, a rabbit and 2 children. Breed bans against the pitbulls were one of the main reasons we moved though. Now they are talking about a city ban here...if it were to go though, we would move. My animals are my family and I wouldn't give up my family.
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post #20 of 99 (permalink) Old 07-18-2004, 08:10 AM
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One good thing about Indiana, is we are usually pretty free to have whatever sort of animal we want. If there were a ban on any of the animals I have, I would most deff. move to another state. Telling me that my animals are unwelcome, means that I am unwelcome.
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post #21 of 99 (permalink) Old 11-21-2004, 01:29 AM Thread Starter
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The only responses I have had were "I have nothing to do with that", and the [email protected] one didn't even send a response. Sorry it has been so long. i forgot about this...
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post #22 of 99 (permalink) Old 11-22-2004, 09:41 PM
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I think exotic animals should be banned if they are being brought in from the wild..that is just wrong....I used to work in a pet shop where all the reptiles were brought in fresh from the wild..that's just messed up...

As for birds? I personally wouldn't get one..they shouldn't be in cages...but oh well what can you do...as for big animals..uhm..darn straight they should be banned...especially from places like circuses...and who in their right minds would keep an elephant in their house? Unless its like a really big sanctuary or preservation park, there's just no reason for it..

As for mice and hamsters and all the other little critters..again, I don't really care much unless they're brought in from the wild..again I think that's just cruel in that case.. *shrugs* there's my opinion
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post #23 of 99 (permalink) Old 11-30-2004, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by EFExotics
Oh yes... gambian and african giant pouched rats are soooooo dangerous....

Just look at how evil Matisse is, baring his teeth at me...

Devouring my face with his gnashing mouth

yes... beware the giant pouched rat of doom

then again not to say they can't be dangerous. He did eat a power cord in just one chomp, and has managed to open his cage himself (must be wired shut now). But mannnnn... certain pets for certain people are just right. don't take away my exotics, especially my pouched rat. he means everything to me

This whole stupid ban has even gotten to my vet. Matisse was rubbing his nose on the cage bars while I was on vacation, and I took him in to his regular vet... who saw that he had a scab on his nose and told me I couldn't come back with him unless it was an absolute emergency, because he had "skin lesions".... ok, it was a scar from rubbing his nose!! treat it! arrggg... it's still there but healed over, and just bare where he rubbed it ........ he needs constant attention so he doesn't do that but man, I'm quick to provide it for him, the spoiled rat

I believe that they should be captive bred by knowledgable people.. but come on people, ALL pets started out this way whether it's a cat, dog, or hamster! they were wild animals at one point of time.
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post #24 of 99 (permalink) Old 12-05-2004, 04:14 PM Thread Starter
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Dragon Tamer- LOL!
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I agree that it is silly. Camels are actually a domesticate species. They have been domesticate for a long time in the arid countries of Africa where they are used as transportation. By domesticated, I mean bred in captivity for multiple generations. They are no more dangerous than a horse or a donkey. All three species can bite, kick, and do severe damage to a person, but all three species are also ridden. There are an estimated 14 million domestic camels in Africa and Eurasia, with most of these being Dromedary camels (one hump). However, most of the estimate 1.5 million camels in China and Mongolia are domesticated Bactrin camels (2 humps). The genetic difference between wild Bactrin camels and domestic ones is 3% base difference. This does not seem like much, but in fact, it is quite a large difference, and it shows that domestic camels have truly been bred by humans for quite a long time. For example, a wild wolf differs a mere 4%, genetically, from a coyote. That shows you how much change a small genetic difference can make. Dogs and wolves are even more closely related and have a smaller genetic difference. yet look at how different chihuahuas look and act from wolves. Even with that smaller genetic difference, people accept domestic dogs as, well, domestic. So why are domestic camels, with their equal or larger genetic difference not considered domestic? Sure a domestic camel could bite, kick, or spit on you just like a wild camel could. However, a domestic dog could bite or scratch you, just like a wolf could.

DRAGONTAMER: LOL! How cute! Your baby is just adorable, and your post is too funny!

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Nicely said Miyabita!
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post #27 of 99 (permalink) Old 04-27-2005, 01:59 AM
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I live in MA and breed hedgehogs. Unfortuenately they aren't legal in my home state of PA, and that makes it very difficult to visit home (with 40 hedgehogs, there are many times when someone needs meds or can't be left home alone).
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post #28 of 99 (permalink) Old 04-29-2005, 11:01 PM
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Yes, if I could afford to. But, then again, both of us dislike the state we live in now and want to move, so that probably affects my answer.
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post #29 of 99 (permalink) Old 05-06-2005, 03:47 PM
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My kids and I live in Ontario, canada. I am the very proud Mother of 2 female red-nosed Pit-bulls and they were banned here in Early march. I have until Aug 29th to have them UTD on shots (they are)
spayed, which one is not, registered with the City & muzzled WHENEVER in public, also never allowed off-leash again, not even to dog parks. I will never be able to own my breed of choice again while living here. I'd much rather not even start to think what will happen to all the ones here who do not have homes by then.
At this time, my B/F and I are looking to moving to Montreal A.S.A.P. where our daughters can walk unmuzzled, with their heads high. Where I don't have to worry about someone harrassing them or trying to hurt them. Breed Bans do not work. SO, I had to vote "YES"
I'm not much for exotics, but, to each his own, and no one has the right to be told what they can and can not own or care for.

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post #30 of 99 (permalink) Old 01-27-2006, 03:19 PM
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I hear mongeese make excellent pets o.O
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