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Fire: need fosters NOW!

Two days ago, a shelter in Mason County, WV, caught fire, and they are now in desperate need of fosters. Please read this article an dpass it on to whomever you can...this is where they want you to contact if you can help: [email protected] Thanks again guys...please do whatever you can!

11/22/05 approximately 3:00 pm

I just got calls from Sally & Missy and I'm pretty hysterical at the moment, so sorry if this is rambling.

The shelter is burning. Gas valve blew, explosion, building extremely damaged, probably a complete loss. Cats and dogs are dead. Danielle (shelter manager) is out alive but has suffered smoke inhalation (from going back in to rescue animals) and is on her way to the hospital. Her own cats died in the fire. As far as I know the rest of the staff got out ok. Shelter phone is dead. Danielle has been able to reach Sally via another phone, but I don't have the number. Sherriff, fire, ambulance are all at the shelter now.

Phone calls are coming in fast and furious as I'm writing this...updating along the way. Hope it all makes sense.

Some dogs are out alive...running loose. Not sure how many because they were just letting out whatever dogs they could reach and they're now running loose. Will be rounded up later. Early estimate is maybe 50-60 dogs were pulled out.

I just spoke to Derrick. They're rounding them up now. He's ok physically, emotionally a wreck. He's called in friends to come and take dogs to emergency foster. The recycling center has offered to hold some dogs for us too. Missy is on her way down there now.

Emergency foster homes are needed NOW!!!

ALL of the cats are dead...they couldn't get to the cat room. Puppies are probably all dead...they couldn't get through the smoke to the puppy room to save them. Some dogs are dead, not all, no idea who got out out. They got them out fast. Just opened kennels and pushed them outside.

WOWK TV was there at the time doing an interview. The furnace installation guy and the woman doing the interview were burned. Please pray for them

All remaining animals MUST get out to rescue ASAP. There's NO WHERE to put them! No building to use. Maybe some outdoor pens, but that's about it. Rescues, HELP HELP HELP!!!! Sue Potter is going down there this weekend to do a transport back up through PA to CT.

Anyone who can rescue or foster, please contact Missy at [email protected] ( Missy is headed to the shelter now and may not be online for awhile, so please copy Sally at [email protected] ( and Robin ([email protected]) if you can offer any assistance.

Please pray for everyone involved. These people have worked so hard to try to make a difference for the animals in Mason County and they keep suffering setback after setback. From what I've heard via the first hurried phone calls is that it appears the building is a complete loss. Missy thinks the outside kennels are still usable.

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Here are the updates I found on the website...the first one is the most recent, and goes down from there.
Update 11/23 7:00 pm

The Daisy mentioned in the 1:00pm update below may NOT be the dalmatian mix listed on our site. There were 2 Daisy's at the shelter. One wasn't on the Petfinder site yet. We do not know which one was found.

More dogs found alive near the shelter! The dogs below are all safely contained now. These were new arrivals who were not listed on our Petfinder site yet.

A Bluetick Coonhound (no name yet)
2 Boston terrier mixes (no names yet)
6 husky mix puppies (5 confirmed found alive, we think the 6th is in foster care, not sure where, please contact us if you have any black lab/husky mix pups. Some have blue eyes. Some look like black labs, some like huskies)
3 boxer mix puppies were seen alive the night of the fire. Who has them? Please contact us!
2 German Shepherd mixes (no names yet)
1 akita mix (no name yet) very sweet, male
1 black & tan male
Several black lab mixes (may be the ones on our site not marked ALIVE. Still trying to identify who's who.)
Several hound mixes
A black & tan beagle
A beagle/coonhound mix
A blonde dog with half floppy ears

Darth Vadar, pit mix (injured, receiving veterinary care)

All of these dogs had just had their pictures taken prior to the explosion. Unfortunately, our camera burnt up in the fire, so we don't have photographs of them.

Sadly, 29 cats and 3 puppies are confirmed dead at this time. We have NO confirmed reports of dead adult dogs.


Update 11/23 1:00 pm

Snapper, Dixie, Daisy and Precious are alive (dogs)! Some of these weren't listed on our site yet. Daisy and Precious are alive but very sick from smoke inhalation. Snapper and Dixie have been sighted running loose near the shelter, too scared to be caught. Daisy and Precious are at the vet's now. Daisy is listed on Petfinder (dalmatian mix). I do not know what breed/size the other 3 dogs are.



Update 11/23 8:00 am

Some cats and puppies were found alive last night!

Several people took animals into foster care last night and did not leave their contact info. Please email us ASAP if you have any of our animals and let us know your address, phone, who you have, and what condition they are in. We are still trying to assess which animals made it out alive and who needs veterinary care. Some of the dogs without ALIVE next to their names may have been taken into foster care last night. All of these animals remain the property of the Mason County Animal Welfare League and CANNOT be adopted out or kept by their foster families without the permission of Missy, our President.

There is no shelter phone. We are trying to come up with a contact phone number where there will be a person available to take calls. As most of us are volunteers, most of us work at day jobs and can't take calls during the day.

PLEASE NOTE: A couple of our cell phone numbers were given out last night. Please DO NOT call Missy or Trish at the numbers you received via email or saw on the news. Contact us by email if you can, or until we can get a phone number posted, send us a note in the mail: Mason County Animal Welfare League, Inc. PO BOX 285 Point Pleasant, WV 25550

Please DO NOT send donated supplies. We have nowhere to keep them at this time. Instead, please consider sending cash via the PayPal button on our home page or a check to the PO Box address. What we need most is money to rebuild.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not 501(c)3 at this time, but are operating as if we were. Paperwork is in the process of being completed and filed with the IRS to make us an IRS-recognized non-profit organization.


Update 11/22 9:41 pm

I just got off the phone with Derrick. He counted so far 19 dead cats and 3 dead dogs. 2 of the dogs were burnt so bad that they can't tell who they are.

Can you please put something on the website's that it will take days before we can get back to everyone. I'm sitting here right now with 151 emails and I have no desire to look at them right now. I'm sick to my stomach and none of us are dealing well with this at all. We just need some time.

Please tell everyone to keep the living animals, the staff, and the ones that passed over the rainbow bridge in their prayers tonight. We thank everyone for their support and appreciate all their efforts on our behalf.



Update 8:00 pm

4 WV shelters have taken in dogs this evening

2 more are on their way tonight

Local residents have taken in dogs to foster

A rescue is on the way with supplies and food for the staff.

Rescue transport en route this weekend.
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