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I am giving away my kittens on but in the process i have put up two posts one under my name and one under my bfs name im getting flooded with mass emails from ppl wanting kittens with the address ending in but they claim to live in the u.s. i need to know how to screen these people. they are instantly asking for my name and address i know i have to give it out though in order to give them the kittens when their due. i seriously need help with this. I dont know if their real emails or not. I dont want my babies to go into the hands of the wrong people. feel free to email me with suggestions [email protected]
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I'm not sure of any way to screen to see if they are real. Maybe insist they use a real email address rather than yahoo, msn, etc. Also if they are truly interested then they should have no difficulty in providing you with a valid email.
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maybe even have them call you in person
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Ask for vet references and verify that it is really a vets office via the internet. Be sure to call to check they have an existing relationship with the vets office. The .ca -that isn't US it's Canada. No I would not trust them! If they really have good intentions they will understand you being careful and respect you for it. If they don't well they don't deserve your babies anyway!

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I agree with kathydip
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dito x3
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Anyone can get a address no matter where you live.
I have a .ca, my boyfriend has a .com and my friend has a .uk and all of us live in Canada.

I woudl find a rescue group who can help you with the adoption process, they have experiacne with this kind of thing and would be able to help you, and ti would be alot less stressful for you.
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I put up a poster card at the local Petsmart store and was able to personally interview all applicants for the adoption of my rabbits. It was nice as I did find wonderful homes for them and also had the ability to follow-up and check on thier progress later.
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You're right to be wary. I am advertising a pet service on some classifieds and have had a number of very similar sounding emails saying they want to buy my pet for sale! If they had read the posting and were genuinly interested, they would know I was offering a service, not an actual pet. I suspect that these people are just emailing anyone in the hope of getting peoples details eventually.not sure exactly what, but theres some dodgy people about. I'm just wondering if those people you mention are hoaxers too
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