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Posting this from a list I'm on


Hey, thought I should share this with y'all, it's been on the news
here, and we sure could use a second or two of your time in contacting the mayor of this town, and telling em how you feel about what they're doing to animals. This was forwarded to me from a friend, it's been on the local news, but the nationals just aren't picking it up


Here is the e-mail address: [email protected]

snail mail: Enoch City, 900 East Midvalley Road, Enoch UT 84720
Mayor: Patrick Frank
City Administrator: Gaylin J. Matheson
Phone: 435-586-1119

Dear Friends,
In the pin-heads of the Town of Enoch, Utah, euthanasia of unwanted animals by loading them into a pitch dark concrete vault & running a pipe from their PICK-UP TRUCK EXHAUST to the vault then just let the **** thing run, is a "...humane & painless death...we do not believe the animals suffer..." and besides it "...costs too much" to give a lethal injection. The Humane Society strongly disagrees, and hopefully you are now as shocked as I am that they could get away with this. They "reviewed" the practice after the
complaint from the Humane Society, but decided they were going to
keep doing it. The Society says these animals suffer an unbearable torture before they finally die, not to mention the fear the poor babies experience. How could any caring, feeling human justify this in their minds? PLEASE find a way to convey your outrage over this practice. If you want to write a letter or send an e-mail let me know & I'll find the addresses for you. I'm sending this to all of you because it HAS TO BE STOPPED & there is no one else to speak up for these poor doggies & kitties.
If they hear from people from all over the country/world they will be forced to find an alternative. This is a very small town in southern Utah and they think they can be invisible. Let's expose them!!! Kudos to KSL News, one of our local TV stations, who made a good start by reporting this yesterday on their morning news. Good for them!
My activism button has been pushed hard on this one.
Thanks to you all in advance for getting **** mad about this
issue...so many things happen around us these days that we can't control - here's one we can.
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Post e-mailed

I was just wondering if you thought a slow brutal death would be a nice way to die? I know I don't. How you are allowing your animals to be euthanized is disgusting!!!!!!!!!!I hope you can come to see, that all animals desevre a quick painless death. Hopefully you will find it in your heart, and in your pocket, a way to provide it. Thank you for your time.

Pittsburgh, PA

P.S. The word of how CRUEL you are is spreading. I hope that motivates you to make some much needed changes.
This was my e-mail.
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That is just *SICK*!!!!!!!!
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wronge verry verry wronge

humane society

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