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I am appalled! Twisty cats

This is going to be one of my weirder posts because it presents both sides to a story but it is the only way for everyone to see what is going on here.

Ok, in my quest to find more stuff for my Sim game I came across this site off of one of the Sim pages that I visit: B.A.D

While I found all the information here good I found myself wondering if I could support what they were talking about because my mind wasn't processing the picture that they were trying to paint. I went on a web search and found this site:


Now, I am not putting a link to this site up here saying "Look at the cute cat" or anything of that nature, it has very good pictures of what B.A.D. is trying to get across and this is just plain


This totaly pissed me off and made me wonder what in the **** gives people the right to play God like this. Please sign the on-line petition that B.A.D. has up. Stuff like this has to stop.
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That is so gross. Why would you breed a deformity, maybe she could get in touch with those ladies breeding deaf deformities intot heir children. I am sure they'd get along great.
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that is absoloutly disguesting i hope those people are crippled for life and see how they feel.
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ouch! nasty!!!
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I don't want to look.
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THose poor cats don't even look REMOTELY comfortable or happy

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