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Lightbulb I need your help.

Our family just moved to a new place, and shortly noticed afterward that we have a rat living downstairs behind the fridge/stove/cabinet area. He's chewed half of my dog's Kong toy, nibbled into trash bags, left his leavings behind/under the stove, and has chewed into the wall in a few areas (we've heard him and seen some of the wood shavings from his chewing.) He has also rendered the stove pan unusable with his droppings (they were there before we moved in, we thought that he had left and cleaned it out, he left some more.) He's taken some insulation out of the stove, and when you turn it on for a period of time you can smell of his urine Now I really love animals, so I tried buying a live trap from harbor freight and putting it under/behind the stove. Turns out that they were all out of the traps and sold us the display. Its broken, no spring mechanism and missing hinges. He didn't even touch it. My dad even bought a trap (the kind that kill) even though I told him not to >=(. This extremely smart rat didn't get caught in it either, which I'm glad of, but now am stumped as to methods of catching him. My mom/brother have seen where he has chewed a hole behind the upstairs mirror and had his tail hanging out through a small space. They said it was really thick/long, and I now know it is a rat for sure. I've tried the nonslip container which you put food inside and make a little ladder for the rodent to climb and fall into. He wouldn't touch it, even though I put it in a spot he was sure to travel about. I left it there for three days with no luck. I already told about the broken live trap, and now I'm looking for other ways to catch him. I really don't want to kill him, but my dad does. He said he's going to poison it soon. I'm going to try buying live traps that actually work, and disguising them somehow. I've heard of devices that make ultrasonic noise they can't stand, but I don't have the money. Someone suggested that I foster a cat, and that the scent would be enough to drive it out. Now I'm all for that, but I would need to be able to take care of it properly for a few days at least, but I have no money (I'm sixteen.) I know someone's going to suggest I get a job . I only volunteer. Does anyone know if the cat would be enough to drive the rat out? For good? Sorry about any typos- any help will be appreciated!
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I would get a trap that kills off the rat, it's the only good way to get rid of the rat.
It's quite a problem with intelligent rats. We had one a long time ago, she wouldn't go into any trap, and my dad had to wait up one night in the car, and wait for her to turn up, so he could shoot her.
I don't like the idea of killing them either, but they are pests, and it can end up being a real problem if you don't kill it!

Try som different types of foods in your traps. From meat to veggies, sweets and so on.

Please don't use posion if you don't have to. Most posions make them bleed to death from the inside, and it's very harmful if an other animal eats the rat.


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I don't think the smell of a cat will drive the rat out. When I lived with my dad we had up to 7 cats at one time and still had mice. The house was old with many holes to get in. The mice would get in all the time. I was awful. One morning there was blood all over the bathroom. It's unbelievable how much blood a little mouse can have - we never did find him either. One morning I got out of bed and I put my foot on the rug and realized that it didn't feel right. I guess someone left me a present.
Humane traps with the right food should eventually work. My dad also had those some mice got lucky and ended up in them before the cats got them. And poisons are not good because the rat could get into the wall and die and it will smell really, really bad! trust me a couple of the mice must have been wounded and went into the walls. It smelled awful - and they were only little mice.
Good luck!

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We have a live trap now, the rat hasn't been much of an issue. As I've said, the rat will not be killed. Thanks for the reply, Kathydip. Pests only become pests when housing is made where they can get inside and food is left out for them. I admire the rodent's intelligence, and I don't believe it is right to take a living being's life just because it is part of a species smart enough to survive in our concrete jungles, especially as natural habitat disappears. Humans think too much of only themselves these days. Anyway, the problem is taken care of, goodbye to all.
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You need to consider that this rat is living in your kitchen and could make a family member very unwell. Wild rats carry disease.
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