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Pit Bulls

I'm sure this has been asked before but how does everyone feel about pit bulls? Our city has named them "dangerous" and are considering banning them. My personal experience with pit bulls is this. It depends on the owner and the sire and dam. It all starts with good bloodlines. Just as with any dog, if the mom or dad has temperment problems, the puppies will most likely have them too. The dogs that you see on tv that attacked someone are victims of ignorance. Sometimes bad breeding, but mostly their owners are... can't say it here, but you get the idea... People get pit bulls b/c they are compensating for something. They bring them into pet stores with big logging chains on their necks b/c it apparently looks cool. There are people who beat the pit bulls to make them mean so they can fight and guard things. If you do that to any dog, they're going to have the same reaction. I would too. If I was a dog and my owner did that to me, I would attack the owner. I know several people with pit bulls that they have as pets and they are great dogs. I am going to get a pit bull when my other dogs are gone and he/she is going to be another proof that pit bulls can make good pets if they are raised properly.

What's everyone else's opinion on the subject?
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I completely agree with you. Any animal can become a monster when treated badly.

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As an owner of two pitbulls...well, you get the idea. I totally agree that ANY dog (not just pitties) should be from excellent temperamental backgrounds. Most pitbull attacks are due to owner negligence or plain old owner stupidity. If the owners did what they were supposed to do 95% of pitbull attacks would never happen
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I say punish the irresponsible dog owners that make their dogs vicious and/or allow them to roam. Punish them severely and set more examples!!
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I'm with everyone...I love pitbulls! Ban the irresponsible owners, not the breed.

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I agree... can they be a dangerous breed? yes they can.. should everyone own one? absolutely not... for the cities that want to ban them, i believe they should have anyone who owns one or who wants to own one put these dogs in obedience classes.. and the OWNERS should have classes too rather than banning them completely... that way, only the RESPONSIBLE people are allowed and not the other people.. i know these dogs are only mean mostly because of the owners who teach them that... i think classes are a good way of saying "i know what im doing, im going to raise this dog as a loving family pet, not a fighting dog"
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I dont believe that obedience classes for -every- pittie is necessary. My AmStaff/Pittie cross (who has passed away) and my Bullie/Pittie cross are/were wonderful dogs without the training.
Mind you, me and my husband got them when we were newlyweds, still just kids ourselves really. We didnt mind the pulling or the jumping or the chewing etcetc. In time, and with the addition of kids and aging, they calmed down and I wouldnt change that in the least with those two.
On the flip side...our new addition..another AmStaff/Pittie cross from the shelter....-went- to obedience classes and graduated (though we're still working on some of it! lol)
I think any owner of -any- breed should be put through a testing process to be sure that they are capable of handling -any- breed.
Perhaps a background check for someone getting a Pittie from anywhere? I know backyard breeding would be difficult to regulate, but it would be a start and a much better solution in my opinion from banning an entire breed.
In the end for me, it comes down to: I am not a criminal, I do not let my dogs run free or snip at anyone. As a law abiding citizen with mannerly (or somewhat mannerly, still in training) dogs, why should my pets and I suffer for the stupidity of others?
Like other owners of most Pitties, I am horrified and angered when another breed attacks and its poo'd poo'd as just nothing to worry about. But when a Bull breed does something, even in defense of itself or owner..they are vicious and must be put down. The two worst dog bites I have ever gotten have been from the 3 lb poodle I grew up with and with my parents Yorkie they have currently. Dont hear anyone screaming for them to be put down for biting without cause. (I never would anyway, I see most dog bites as provoked in some way, even if the attacked was unaware of a dogs triggers...I was 11 with the poodle and tried to take his treat and the Yorkie doesnt like it when you put your shoes on to leave. She's got separation anxiety.)
There are many things we do daily in this world that are dangerous. I think that its time that we stop expecting the government to protect us..from car accidents, from smoking, from dog attacks, from (insert whatever here)...and take responisbility for our own actions.
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Here in Seattle they recently had huskey attack. Then they proceeded to tell us the order of the 3 most dangerious dogs in Seattle: 1) Pitt Bulls 2) Rottwilers 3) German Sheapards. Considering that they consider Huskeys to be less dangerious and an attack happened. I think that most "dangerious" dogs are products of irresponcible and ignorent owners.
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I am the PROUD Mother of 3 Female Pit-bull's and they are all the most harmless creatures in the world. I have raised them well with Manners, even the local law enforcement officers and animal service workers love them to pieces. I live in Ontario Canada where this Breed and anything resembling this breed has recently been Banned. As long as I live in this crappy Province I will never be able to own another of my breed of choice. My Bailey, who I rescued over 2 weeks ago has already started to act better with proper training and persistence they can all be wonderful editions to any family. They adore my 16 month old niece, my 5 cats, my piggies and anything else they encounter on thier travels. Pit-Bulls are the most wonderful animals no matter what the media says about them, or what some irresponsible owners have turned them into.
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