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Exclamation Prairie Dogs in Danger, Please Help!!! Citizens for Prairie Dogs

Many of you may remember several years ago and the huge controversy at the city farm in Lubbock. They poisoned many prairie dogs and have continued to some degree. The main problem out there is this where the city discharges treated waste water via an above ground irrigation system. They claim the prairie dogs are causing groundwater pollution. It was never proven. Grass does have to be grown out there to absorb some of the waste, yet if the city had done what was advised to them and left all the corner edges alone and even promote grass there as well as where the wastewater is applied in the middle, the prairie dogs would not choose to live in the wet conditions and stay on the edges where they do not cause a problem. The city went and plowed everything!!! I have the pictures to prove it. Again, this was several years ago.

On March 29, 2006 baby prairie dogs were spotted on this location. They had just come up. Well, I got a phone call from the wildlife center here with info from a lady complaining they were poisoning. I went out immediately and sure enough...... what a horrendous thing. I asked the guy why in God's name would they be so cruel and wait until the babies are up. Some problem with a regulation over the winter did not allow them to poison then. Anyway, a complaint was placed with U.S. Fish and Wildlife after other sightings of burrowing owls flying erratically around the area. The agent at U.S.F.W. is out of town but he did shut it down until he can review the situation regarding the protected owls. That is good but I know the war has not been won. We need to try to at least win a battle.

I ask and beg of everyone out there to please email and/or call all of our city council members, mayor and even news stations to express your dismay. Let's stand united and show the city for once and for all that we are sick and tired of it. This is the last thing this city wants again---so therefore let us get the upperhand and stick up for the true underdogs of the world--all beloved prairie dogs. Email me if you have any questions or concerns before writing and calling. Also, I ask that you please do not use any profanity or anything the past (not you guys-- but some local people kind of hurt our cause by being too ugly and even threatening to the mayor...let's not stoop that low please....I know how easy it is to want to) Thanks so very much. Joann Haddock/Citizens for Prairie Dogs

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

Marc McDougal, mayor, 806-775-2010, [email protected]
Linda Deleon, city council member, 806-775-2027, [email protected]
Floyd Price, ccm, 806-775-2007, [email protected]
Gary Boren, ccm, 806-775-2011, [email protected]
Phyllis Jones, ccm, 806-775-2008, [email protected]
Tom Martin, ccm, 806-775-2011, [email protected]
Jim Gilbreath, ccm, 806-775-2031, [email protected]

KMAC News and KLBK News: 806-745-2828, [email protected]
KCBD News 806-744-1414, [email protected]


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Thanks for the info. I dont live in Lubbock but I still plan to write concerning this issue. I think it's a travesty this continues. The ban and the cruelty should have long been stopped!
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Thank you to anyone that takes some time to email, call or both any of these organizations to let them know how much we value this keystone species. What is more impacting to them is some way relating it to the monies they may lose in tourism by people that visit Lubbock to see the prairie dog. I have been a few times and that is the sole reason for my stay, nothing more. They miss out on a valueable tourism opportunity and a means of generating revenue to their city but instead send an inhumane and uncaring message to the world by their actions. Politely reminding them of the consequence of their actions is our only hope. Maybe hitting them on the tourism and money to the city will get their attention since they certainly aren't caring too much about the animal their city is most known for.

Thank you everyone for your prompt attention to this, time is of the essence.
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