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Time Magazine Article on Canned Hunts

The March 11 issue of TIME MAGAZINE has a two page article (pages 62&3) entitled "Hunting Made Easy." The subtitle reads, "Shooting captive animals to mount their heads on a wall is a booming sport. Should congress step in?" Time Magazine puts stories on their website only once the relevant edition is no longer on the newsstands. You'll be able to read the whole story on line next week. For now, I will give you a taste and recommend you pick up a copy of Time if you are impatient to read more. The article is accompanied by a series of photos of the shooting of a Corsican ram. It opens with,"The exotic Corsican ram trotting about the 100-yard-long pen in central Pennsylvania paid little mind to the men approaching across the field. People were always walking in and out of the pen, as often as not with food for the flock. So the ram didn't resist when the men drove all the animals toward one end of the enclosure. It was only when t
he first arrow - fired from just yards away - struck it in the haunch that it realized something was up. The ram hobbled off and was struck by a second arrow, then a third. It stood for a moment staring beyond the fence line and then settled onto its haunches, bleeding. A gunshot to the abdomen finished it off - preserving its head as a trophy."We learn that there are up to 2,000 hunting preserves in the USA and that "No kill, no pay" is the promise many make.Reporter Jeffrey Kluger tells us that animals available are not just "common prey" such as deer. Exotic animals, even including "the odd rhino, zebra or tiger" are available. Such animals come from private collections or zoos.Kluger quotes hunters who object to canned hunts. Then continuing his disturbing descriptions of the hunts, he writes,"A slaughter is exactly how canned hunt foes frame the practice, and the killing of the Corsican ram is not the only horror they point to. The Humane Soc
iety of the United States tells stories of its own: the declawed black leopard that was released from a crate, chased by dogs, and shot as it hid under a truck; the domesticated tiger that lounged under a tree and watched a hunter approach, only to be shot as it sat."Kluger tells us that, "A pair of bills are pending in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to prohibit the interstate sale of exotic animals for hunts."Please let Time Magazine know how you feel about canned hunts. Time Magazine takes letters to the editor at: [email protected].I recommend you find out more about the bills Kluger mentions by going to the HSUS page "Why We Need the Captive Exotic Animal Protection Act" :http://www.hsus.org/ace/11570You can learn which senators and representatives are sponsoring the bills and whether or not your own elected officials have signed on at:http://www.hsus.org/ace/12599. If they haven't, please ask them to cosponsor - or thank them if they have. The house bill is HR 3464. The Senate bill is S 1655.An original letter is always best but since the number of letters received on bills is noted by legislators, a form letter is much better than nothing. Doris Day Animal League has a terrific service whereby you can fax letters on animal related bills from their website. You'll find a letter on the Captive Exotic Animal Protection Act ready to go at:http://cw2k.capweb.net/ddal/letterst...letter_id=1293

Note: For a letter to the editor, an original note is your only option, though it needn't be long. Always include your full name, address and telephone number when writing a letter to the editor.

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