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MO: 3y/o Siberian Husky Missing

I am may contact me at [email protected] with any questions asked.]
Hi, I wanted to share this with all in this commuity.
8 Months ago I took the sweetest most lovable animal into my home
from a rescue here in missouri. He is a 3 and a half year old Siberan Husky. He is white,with gray and black mixture. A very distinctive little fellow. On his nose, each side has the smallest lil black spots, so i called them freckles.
Last Friday (April 5,2002) My heart broke into.
We returned home after only being gone appx 2 hours to find the front door to our home was opened and the security screen door closed. I didnt even shut the engine off on the car, i jumped out of the car and made a mad dash into my home, and searched in frantic as I called to Nikko. My baby was gone. Where could he be? My other two were still in the home and going crazy right about this time. We searched and searched and i called the police out. The first call was a joke, he checked the back door out and informed me no entry was made thru it. Well Duh! it was the front door and I told him that and i was in such a state of mind i let him leave with out checking the front door out. I was up all night in and around my neighborhood searching, crying my eyes out calling for Nikko. Nothing. I came home again about 4am to get some coffee and i noticed on the door the fresh pry marks and wood missing. I called the police back again. An officer and a Dect. came out, and they glanced at it, and still did not check it. I was at a loss as what to do. This is the law and im politely being told that nothing was missing out of my home (but my dog) it was no biggie! Daylight came and i woke up my huband and i was out the door again looking all day, while my husband stayed home incase Nikko returned.
Saturday proved to be empty as well. I had talked to many of
people in a 10 mile radious of my home, and no one had seen him. I
called the police back one more time and this time i laid the law
down to them. I have always had the ut most respect for the law, but
now were talking my babies. It was half way sugested that Nikko
reached up and turned the door handle on my soild wood door , opened
it up, unlocked the security screen door and let himself out and
closed the door behind him as he left! Very clever, but it didnt
fly. I was in disbelieve as this was suggested in a half joking
mannor. I asked the officer why was it if it was someones kid the
whole state would be looking for it, but since it was a common dog no body gave a ****? and her reply was for me to calm down and get
control, which only infuriated me even more. So I politely told her
that if she did not write me a report that my home had been broken
into and my Husky stolen, I guaranteed her she would not hear the end of it. That my home was broken into and I deserved at least that much. I won on that one.
After calling and searching Sunday, it started feeling like i would never see him again untill i was sitting here at this computer. and out of the corner of my eye, i seen him walk up besides me and lean his head like he would to lay it into my lap so i could pet him, i reached over and he wasnt there. This has to be the hardest thing I have ever gone thru in my entire life. If that wasnt enough, i was laying in bed later watching tv and just out of the blue i raised up and called his name loud, and felt like a fool after i realized what i had done. Then I jumped out of bed, ran outside looking cause i thought it might have been some kind of sign that he was on his way home. No sign, only wishful thinking. But if its the last think i ever do I will find this baby. I will not rest and god help the s.o.b. if i catch him for he will finally meet his worse night mare.
I ask that everyone out here please say a prayer for NIkko to return home safe and unharmed. We think he was abused before he went into the rescue. And it kills me not knowing if he is ok now or not.
So Please if you can, say a prayer for him and pass the word around
as much as you can. I have listed it with all the local tv stations,
news papers, stores, neighbors and then some. I call all the human
societys, apa, shelters in and around st. louis.
I just pray that god brings him home safely.
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I'm really sorry your dog is lost :-( try contacting your local animal shelter as thet might have found him
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