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09-20-2003 12:24 PM
Crittercall That's incredible!! No wonder you're anxious for Abe to talk! How funny.

Henry always yells "Hello" when the phone rings, but I've offered to sit it next to him but he won't really answer it. Stubborn bird!

Petey is definitely prolific in the language department. Bet your aunt wouldn't take a thousand dollars for him!
09-20-2003 12:21 AM
Thats cool

Did someone teach it or did it kinda pick it up just by listening????
09-19-2003 11:49 PM
Mallory HA HA! My web cam is an Intel... Uhm... yeah.

Oh and Crittercall, my aunts 'tiel Petey (commonly known as Mr. Feathers) whistles, sings, dances, AND talks. Needless to say he was the inspiration for us to get a 'tiel. I think Petey is maybe 6?? Well anyways, this bird is the smartest 'tiel I've ever known. Just a few things he says are:

"Whatcha doin'."
"I'ma pretty burd."
"I'ma handsome burd."
"I'ma dancin' burd."
"Whatcha doin' burd?"
"Help! Help! Help!" which is usually followed by...
"Call the cop! Call the cop!"
"Here puddy puddy puddy!!"
"Thank you."
And when someone knocks you'll usually hear him say, "Who is it!" shortly followed by a "come in!"

He'll sing this:
"Whhheeerreeee the buuurds aaareeee..."

He'll whistle the tune of the Andy Griffith show.
As well as some other songs I'm not sure what they are...

He does the wolf-whistle. Both the short one, and the looong drawn out one.

I oughta have my aunt tape it for me and send it to me in the mail, and then I'll post it. Petey (Mr.Feathers) is the most amazing cockatiel ever!

09-19-2003 08:29 PM
Crittercall Doesn't that drive you crazy? I had a bird that would imitate the two-way beep on my cell phone. She'd wait until I was getting ready to get into the shower then make that sound. I'd turn off the water, go to the kitchen to get the phone, and no one would be there. Never did have enough sense to take the phone to the bathroom with me! She'd do it three or four times before I would ignore her.

I have personally never known a 'tiel who talks too much, so IMO anything you can get out of them word-wise is a bonus!

You know you guys are making me want a 'tiel, don't you? I'll tell Bubba it's your fault!!
09-19-2003 06:03 PM
Laurie I can't help with the beak but just wanted to say good luck with trying to get him talking. I have a tiel that only says "pretty bird"
I've been trying my hardest to get him to say hello. It sounds almost like he whistles hello if that makes any sense!

We have had some constuction done to our house the past few weeks and he picked up some power tool sounds! He has the cordless screw diver down pat!
09-19-2003 05:41 PM
Crittercall Good luck with the "pretty birdie"!! Sounds like you're determined to make him a good pet and having good luck so far. That's great!

BTW, the pic you posted was great. What kind of camera do you use? I have a Canon 35mm and a Sony digital, but the web cam sounds like a fun toy!
09-18-2003 11:55 PM
Mallory Yes I have gotten a lot of good advice. I've been holding him a lot more lately (just figured today maybe he would like to sit on my shoulder while I'm on the computer... well he did but he wanted to walk across the keyboard and take dump in between the insert and delete keys... gah!) and he seems to like to play with my necklace.

I told my mom and dad that the only thing we're going to say to him is pre-TEE burd-EEE and say it slow. He keeps looking at me funny. Its like he's thinking, "What the heck is wrong with you. You used to whistle back, ya moron!" ha ha... Well hey I'll keep trying. ;c)

09-18-2003 10:59 PM
Jodi Ugh! I'm coming in on this thead way to late....sounds like you've already received some great advice though!! Good tips from everyone!

Is he beak just pealing by any chance?
09-18-2003 02:44 PM
Mallory Ok, when I was at home and first read this post, he was out and on my shoulder. I had him "step up" onto my finger and though he is actually pretty hand shy (SHY! uhm, how about hand eater) he let me feel it a little. Figures, yesterday I cut my nails, and everytime I'd try to feel it with my nail he'd freak out and try to bite me. (I guess he saw more finger and figured it was going to hurt him. ) I honestly don't think its a crack. But I noticed too, if you look closely there is another one just like it on the other side of his beak also from the nare to end except its much lighter. It neither looks like a crack, I'll have my mom use one of her nails later tonight to see if she feels anything grab or catch.

09-18-2003 11:10 AM
Crittercall It would be difficult to see - unless it was a HUGE crack. Can you run your fingernail across it and see if it feels smooth (and not lose a finger in the process)?

This one concerns me because there was a 'tiel at the aviary who had lost the entire top of his beak. I don't remember how - I think an Amazon got him. But he was sooooo pitiful. Couldn't eat anything, because he didn't have a way to keep food in his mouth so he was being tube fed when he was a year old or so. It was such a sad situation. It did not end well for the bird.

Abe doesn't look like anything nearly so bad as that; if you can feel a crack take him to a vet. Otherwise, like everything else, just keep an eye on it and let us know how it goes!
09-18-2003 10:54 AM
Mallory I'm looking right now, and its not cracked.... Unless cracks are very very very fine and difficult to see....

To me it just looks like coloring, not a split.
09-18-2003 01:18 AM
Deja It will be very difficult to teach your 'tiel to talk, but if you are persistant it can be done.
Since he started whistling first the easiest way to teach him to talk is with a short phrase that you can say in a "sing song" voice that will almost mimic the lilting cadence of a whistle.

Try "Hello Baby" - almost sing it (gosh this is hard to describe!) emphasizing each syllable like **** oh bay BEEE).

When he whistles to you go to him and instead of whistling back (which is just oh so much easier and the knee-jerk response! )

Walk up to him (or look at his face if he is sitting on you) and say "Hello Baby". Be persistant and consistant.

He may start repeating, "hello" followed by mumbling or an off pitch whistle... if you hear mumbling, YAY All birds will mumble new words and phrases before they speak them clearly. It's as if they are practicing! His voice won't ever be as clear as a Gray, Amazon or Macaw..... but it will be cute and squeaky and sometimes very fast, so make sure you repeat things slower then you would normally say them.... it will come out of your 'tiel at almost the right speed

My male 'tiels both whistled before they spoke and they both learned to speak. Repetition is the key... don't give up.

If he's just over a year old he's still very young... I'm betting you
can get him to speak

I'm with Critter on the beak... I can't tell if it looks cracked, but if it is I'd let a vet have a look at it.
Good Luck! Abe is a cutie
09-17-2003 09:20 PM
Crittercall I've read and been told that, too, Sharon - that once they start to talk they won't whistle (and vice versa).

Sounds they can't make? Not if you listen to Henry. He won't say "green" - I think it is some sort of Eclectus insult. (I'm always saying "Mama's green bird".) I think I would take it a bit slow and try just one phrase until he learns that - let him get the "feel" of talking - then try something else one at a time. "Hello" works well. "Good morning" "What are you doing" is one all of my birds have said. Pick something short that you aren't going to have your family throwing things at you if they hear you say it one more time! (Henry loves mornings; he whispers then that he's "Daddy's pretty bird" and "Daddy's sweet, sweet bird". Obnoxious! He is finally saying Mama and is good on "Give me a kiss" - another one you can try.)

Can you get Abe to be still long enough to feel of his beak? It almost looks like a crack instead of a discoloration - but that's just from looking at the picture. If it is cracked you may want to take him to the vet and make sure what they want you to do. Sometimes they put a bit of glue on them, you may have to cut back on food that is hard to crack for a while, etc. Does he eat his veggies? Sweet 'taters from the baby food dept. are really good, as is rice!
09-17-2003 08:28 PM
Mallory intresting Sharon!

Thanks, I'll keep trying. ;c)
09-17-2003 08:20 PM
SharonM I just have a comment on the too old to learn thing ... it may be a myth, I dunno - but I read somewhere that if a bird whistles or sings, it won't talk, and vice versa.
It seems true of my Boss' Amazon, he's in his 20's and sings opera - but the only word he says is "Hello". He's lived 15 years with her B&G Macaw who talks quite a bit (and taught my Eephus quite a few words in the year and a half he was there), but only says that one word.
Eephus tries to whistle, he tries so hard, but what comes out is really odd - you can tell he's trying to wolf whistle, but it's weird sounding ... he picks up new words and phrases all the time though.

My opinion, my "guess" is that they should be able to learn no matter what age.
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