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03-25-2004 02:41 PM
re: Parakeet help needed

Clipping one wing only is to throw the bird off balance. IMO it increases the chance of injury to the bird. Clipping the wings doesnt stop them from flying but if done correctly the bird should not be able to maintain altitude but make a steady decend to the floor. Here is a very link that shows the correct way to clip. With this diagram you should have no problem clipping your birds other wing. Keep in mind that the lighter bodied birds still fly pretty well even with their wings clipped.

As for covering your birds at night it is totally up to you. Both people were correct actually, covering is to block drafts and to give your bird a dark place to sleep. If your bird is in a area that it can get 12 hrs of sleep without being covered then I see no reason to cover them. I have 7 parrots in different areas in my home. I only cover the three that are in my livingroom because I work midnights and tend to stay up watching tv or hang on the pc on my nights off.

Parakeets can make great pets given enough time and effort to train them. Any time you keep two birds in the same cage you run the risk of them bonding to each other and wanting nothing to do with you. You may want to consider buying another cage and seperating them. You can keep their cages side by side so they can interact with eachother and given play time with each other on a play stand but given equal one on one time with you. This will give them a chance to trust you and bond to you instead of to each other.

Birds are flock animals and need to be in a area of your home where you spend the most time in.

Congrats on your new fids (feathered kids),
03-23-2004 09:45 PM
elfomatic Along with that new Chlorox with Teflon stuff.
03-23-2004 07:00 PM
Zion If you keep your birds in the kitchen area, watch out when you use pots or pans that have teflon. Just a little bit of fumes from the teflon can kill your birds. Same with febreeze.
03-23-2004 02:18 AM
elfomatic That really isn't true unless you have them in a very high traffic room -- (someone in there 24 hours a day) -- which you shouldn't do anyway. If you have an exotic that sensitive then it should have its own room.

Believe it or not, drafts were the original reason most people covered the cages at night. Like I said, it really isn't necessary since they have very good insulation in the form of their feathers.

A sheet won't do anything for noise. The only real purpose covering the cage serves is to keep the bird quiet in the early morning hours.

At any rate, I would only recommend covering the cage if you are already in the habit of doing so. If the bird isn't already used to it there is no point in starting.
03-22-2004 11:39 PM
Tigrisniki20 the reason for the covers on the cages at night isn't for drafts really, unless you have a drafty house. It's really for sleeping. Birds need an exact amount of time to sleep, and since in most households the lights are on after its dark the bird most of the time doesn't get enough good sleep. So covering the bird when you know they need to sleep, helps the bird to be in a dark, semi muffled area where it can snooze no matter if the lights on in the room or not. If the bird doesn't get enough sleep, after a while it will show, in stress, loss of appetite, agression, there are a number of things it can lead to...think of a grumpy, sleepy three year old child lol.

Good luck with your 'keets...i've owned about 10 in my life time----not to mention other breeds of birds...all i have now, avian wise is a Parlor Roller Pigeon.
03-22-2004 09:58 PM
thatonefishkid No they don't- somebody suggested Marlin. Not bad. And I've always liked Marlin- I'll have to ask the two birds what they think- I'm sure they'll be quite vocal about it. But hey, they're quite vocal about everything. hehe.

03-22-2004 07:18 PM
elfomatic I'm glad to hear that your birds are doing so well! Do they have names yet?
03-22-2004 05:50 PM
thatonefishkid Looks like my post got changed around a little-

umm, the new birds are doing really well- I am actually pretty surprised- if they make it seven days they beat my previous record- my mom didn't believe that the bird i got before was sick and it died. :-(

I moved them into the big kitchen/dining room area (I was skeptical at first, but I have never ever seen them this active and talkative!) I think they really like being around the people that are constantly in and out of here (I have three brothers, always scavenging for food). They are starting to eat, and follow people around when they move around the cage, rather than cower in the corner opposite the person. So I just wanted to thank you all for helping me get started, and I'm sure I'll be back soon- tab! ttyl!

I love that elephant....
03-21-2004 06:48 PM
elfomatic debbie,

you said yourself that you have been waiting for a quaker. if this is the type of bird you have been wanting then this is the type of bird you should get. if you are seriously considering this amazon be sure it is for the right reasons. i know that not being able to adopt the other quaker not too long ago must have been a real disappointment. make sure you aren't just settling for the amazon ... most likely, you will be much happier in the end waiting for the bird you want then settling for one that is available now.

an amazon is going to be a lot more work than a quaker. they are going to take up more of your time, space, and money than a quaker will. at the least, i suggest you make a promise to yourself not to make a decision for at least 2 weeks. this will give you time to weigh all the options and decide if an amazon is really what you want. it will also show you if you are only wanting this bird because a quaker isn't available.

don't worry about the amazon. if you don't take it in, i'm sure another loving family will.

good luck and keep me informed!
03-21-2004 05:54 PM
Jodi Well, for starters Amazons are completely different birds (temprement, needs, etc) than quakers. I would suggest you research both breeds and figure out which you would be willing to work with. Amazons are great birds but can be a lot of work. Just remember, generally speaking the bigger the bird, the more time, money, etc you will have to invest. And for a "semi-tame" amazon, be prepared to invest ALOT of time and paitence. Depending on the age of the 'zon and how long it's been set in it's ways.... If this is your first bird (I can't remember if you've had birds before), I would not suggest a semi-tame amazon. JMO.

Originally Posted by debbie450
As you all probably know by now, I have been wanting to adopt a quaker parrot. Well, I may have a chance to take in a Yellow Nape Amazon. Now for the advice. She is semi-tame, the owner just doesn't have the time to give her the attention she needs anymore. She comes with cage and stand. Should I consider taking her, or do you think I should just wait for a quaker. I have the room and time for either one. I love ALL birds. Will she tame down easily? Need some input here.
03-21-2004 10:59 AM
Advice Needed!

As you all probably know by now, I have been wanting to adopt a quaker parrot. Well, I may have a chance to take in a Yellow Nape Amazon. Now for the advice. She is semi-tame, the owner just doesn't have the time to give her the attention she needs anymore. She comes with cage and stand. Should I consider taking her, or do you think I should just wait for a quaker. I have the room and time for either one. I love ALL birds. Will she tame down easily? Need some input here.
03-21-2004 10:51 AM
debbie450 congrats on getting new babies! I think you will enjoy them very much.
03-20-2004 11:41 PM
elfomatic Hi Drew.

I'm guessing these are your first birds. Parakeets are a good choice and you should enjoy them once they get used to their new surroundings.

I don't know if the pet store employee meant to cut only one wing ... some people cut both and some cut only one. Cutting one is supposed to be less stressful on the bird and just as effective if it is done right. Most likely, he/she didn't cut short enough.

Your birds probably won't make a lot of noise for awhile. They are getting used to their surroundings and are very nervous. To help them out I would suggest keeping them in a quiet room. Try to leave them alone for a few days ... continue to change their food and water regularly of course. This is a very stressful time for them and it may take awhile to adjust. Parakeets tend to be their most noisiest in the mornings and the evenings ... so that may also be why you haven't heard a lot from them yet. Listen tomorrow morning ... it should give you a good indicator as to if your little guys are fitting in.

Many people recommend covering the cage at night to protect from drafts. Personally, I don't think this is necessary -- they encounter drafts in the wild -- but many people will tell you that they recommend it. Most people use something lightweight like an old sheet or a tablecloth. They make commercial ones if you want to spend the money.

I would leave the unclipped bird alone for now anyway. They go crazy because they aren't used to human contact. Try to move slowly to avoid scaring them. When you do decide to start training them it will take time. Don't get discouraged! It may take awhile but they will get used to you.

Until they are better adjusted I wouldn't let them out of the cage anyway. When you do decide to do so you can catch the unclipped bird by throwing a sheet over it ... or -- if you don't like that idea -- you could just wait until it goes back to its cage. It will soon identify the cage as its home and will go back on its own-- provided it does not fly to another room or behind furniture. Never let your birds out without close supervision.

Well, good luck with your parakeets, Drew! Congratulations. Just remember to be patient ... it will take time but they will come around.
03-20-2004 10:22 PM
Parakeet help needed!

Hey all- This is my first post here- seems like a good forum! As the name implies, fish are my business. I did recently purchase a couple of parakeets though, and am kind of at a loss as to how to care for them.

I just got them today- I asked the guy at the store to clip their wings, but he only clipped one- would have been helpful to know before I let it out of it's little box and it started flying around my room. Grr. Oh well. I caught it and it's in its cage.

1. They aren't making a lot of noise, which I guess is normal when you first get them. I would like to teach them to stand on my finger- should I wait a while before I try to handle them? How long?

2. Should I cover the cage? With what? Why?

3. What do I do about this unclipped bird? It goes crazy when I open the door to put food and water in- It flies around and around around (glad I got a big cage). I wouldn't trust myself clipping there wings, but what should I do in the meantime? I know they are supposed to be let out of their cages for a while each day, but I'm afraid if I let it out I won't be able to catch the poor thing.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Oh, and how about a dancing elephant for good measure?

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

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