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patnjackmom 01-05-2003 11:12 PM

Oh my Gosh!!!!!!!!
As for those of you whom have male guinea pigs, know the monthly maintenance that we all have to do for them. Besides clipping nails, but clean their anal sacks.

Jack is 9/10 times very good about it, he just whines, and it takes some time to get it done. Patrick, 10/10 times, cries like you are hurting him, and bites his left hand, if you will. Well, well, well, tonight was the night to do the maintaining, and someone suggested that I have Scott feed Patrick vegies. I did this once before, had still had some, but not a lot of, fuss. Tonight, however, was an absolute breeze. Everything went so nicely, not one cry, not one fuss, not one hand biting!!!!!:angel: Patrick still took some more time than Jack because Jack was the absolute perfect angel, we did the same thing with him, and didn't have to give him 1/2 as much vegies while doing it. Their little poopy holes have never been so clean.

capnsweets 01-06-2003 01:16 AM

That is great and ewww yuck at the same time!

Erin 01-06-2003 11:20 PM

Sparky is easy to do, he lets me plopped him on his back and go at it without a complaint.

Fudge on the other hand. I have to have him on my desk and lift his hiney up. It's like the tooshie cleaning olympics with him. Can I send him to you so you can train him for me :D

patnjackmom 01-08-2003 08:33 PM

Sure you can!!!!!!

Erin 01-08-2003 08:59 PM

but if I sent Fudge, I'd have to send sparky. They have their own band. Sparky sings and Fudge plays the bird bells. They will hit the billboard chart soon, I swear.

They practice every morning between 7 and 8, very hard working and determined piggies. :rolleyes:

Jade 01-08-2003 10:01 PM

Okay, I'm curious. You have to clean their anal sacs why? :confused:

patnjackmom 01-08-2003 10:30 PM

Jade:Boy sacks are different from girl sacks, and are more prone to impactions.

Erin- Send them both over. They can rehearse with Jack.

Becki 01-09-2003 01:47 AM

Thanks for asking Jade, I was to shy :o I've had gp's before(it's possible they were girls though, it was a loooong time ago) and NEVER heard of this. Is it absolutely neccesary? That's crazy b/c it sounds important (why else would you do that, lol) but I've never heard it mentioned before. :shrug: I'll just stick to chinnies and the occasional hair ring :lol:

Sshadowsmom 01-09-2003 04:19 AM

As I set here looking at my boys I wonder when you need to start doing this and what are the signs that they need it done?:confused:

Erin 01-09-2003 01:27 PM

some boars may never need it, however it's a good idea to stary and get them used to small cleanings in case they ever have a big problem with impaction.

Fudge never has anything but his natural "grey matter" in his pouch while Sparky always has hair, hay, and shavings stuck in his. As they get older (over a year +) they can loose muscle tone in their behind and passing their feces can be difficult or impossible and everything will get stuck.

More Information on Impaction

patnjackmom 01-09-2003 10:13 PM

I think that it is of the norm to find weird things in Abby's butt's because you can't believe what I find up there.

Linda Lee 01-10-2003 07:24 AM

I am sooooooo glad I only have sows, especially after reading this.
But I can understand the hand biting thing. Sundrah bites her left paw hand when I work on her problem skin. I wonder why they do that. Maybe they just keep missing and are really aiming for us!

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