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DirtySouthChins 01-21-2003 05:05 PM

Ferret Breeders??
Hi all, I was just curious if anybody knew of any possible Ferret breeders either in the Chicagoland area, Kenosha/Milwaukee area of Wisc. or even possibly the northern part of Indiania. At this time we have what I like to call a mini petting zoo, however my husband just loves Ferrets. I have been doing some searching online and can come up with NOTHING, as far as breeders go around here, I really don't want to get one from a pet store as I have heard so many stories on that subject. My husband's birthday is coming up towards the end of February and I would love to be able to get him one as I know he would just love that. I personally don't know much about ferrets, unlike my husband, so is it okay to just get one? I am asking you all this, because I don't want to bring suspicion to the hubby, lol If I happen to find a breeder or if you all can help me find a breeder, what qualities should I look for in a healthy ferret? and should I buy one that is already descented, neutered ect, and if not neutered (providing it's a male) when should I get him neutered ect. Sorry for all the quiestions but Ferrets are a new thing to me. If you can help I would greatly appreciate it thanks :)

Luna 01-21-2003 07:02 PM

Hi. Why don't you consider getting one from a shelter. If you look of the American Ferret Association they will have a list of shelters in your area. Shelters have kits as well as adults up for adoption. They come with shots and they will help you with any questions you may have with the ferret. The ferrets in shelters are looking for loving forever homes, so won't you give one of these guys a try. You will not be sorry.

DirtySouthChins 01-21-2003 11:56 PM

Thank You
Thank you for the shelter idea, you know that is where we have gotten one of our dogs, and cats and for the life of me I don't honestly know why I didn't think of that, and this comes from a person whose dream is to one day have a shleter of her own. Wow, again thank you for the light bulb that just went on in my head when I read your reply. LOL... Thanks again :)

SIChins 01-25-2003 12:57 AM

Both of our ferrets are rescues, and when we decided to take ONE ferret in, we got a call a week later asking if we would consider one more. Well, within 4 weeks, we had calls for 8 ferrets (aside from the 2 we got). Wow, I guess I never realized how many rescue ferrets there really are out there :(

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