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fearless 02-23-2003 12:00 PM

I've got the Vitamin C.. now what?
Mr. Piggley won't eat Vitamin C tabs - even Oxbow's apple flavored ones. I don't want to put them in his water - since it loses it's potency in a day, and I use a 16oz bottle. Should I try crushing a tablet and mixing it with his pellets? Also, how many mg should a guinea pig have a day? According to Oxbow's website 50mg, according to other guinea pig site's anywhere from 10mg-25mg.

Do you think Cavy Cuisine has enough Vitamin C in it - do I really need to give him extra Vitamin C?

Erin 02-23-2003 12:08 PM

there are two ways to make sure your pig get's enough vitamin C..

you can give a cup of a fresh variety of vegetables a day, per pig. (kale, spinach, bell peppers, green leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce....) there is a list at the top of this forum stickied.

You can also give the tabs. I give mine a 1/2 of a tab, 25mg. It takes awhile for them to grab them from you, stick it in the back of their mouth so they have to chew.

I'm not so sure they'd pick the pieces out of the food if they don't want to try it.

I used to use fresh veggies daily, but it soon got to be over $50 a week when the pig count started to rise. They only get veggies once or twice a week now. Veggies are really the best way to go about making sure they get vitamin C, and they are generally well loved and begged for by the pigs!

Linda Lee 02-26-2003 09:04 AM

Don't give up too fast. I have 6 pigs and none of them would take the c from my hand in the beginning. Than I would just put it in front of them or in their dish, after they tried it a couple of times ,as soon as they smell them they come running to the front of cage to be handed the C treat for the day. When you change the type of Vit c, I changed to a cheaper store bought one that I cut up- I had to start all over again. Now they practically bite my fingers off trying to get it.

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