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fstybrat 03-22-2003 11:58 PM

Tigger Pictures... finally
being that Tigger never sits in one spot for more than a nano second, it seems impossible to get pictures of her... well, anyway I am going to post them again just because I love showing them off :D
Here she is:

DirtySouthChins 03-23-2003 12:47 AM

LOL.... your lucky you got pictures, I haven't been able to get any of ours in quite sometime, they never seem to stay still.....hmmmm wonder why that is? HaHaHa

fstybrat 03-23-2003 01:40 AM

I was thinking about that today Kim... how are your babies doing??
BTW Don't feel bad about pictures... I have a HECK of a time getting them to cooperate with me! I still think that not only are they related to the weasel & skunk but they are related to the ENERGIZER BUNNY too! :lol:

capnsweets 03-24-2003 12:00 AM

LOL very cute pictures! I saw some ferrets at the pet store today and thought of you. (I associate people with their animals.)

fstybrat 03-24-2003 12:07 AM

Awww thanks Capn!! :D
LOL I do the same thing though!

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