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cheetahcapri 04-07-2003 01:38 AM

New Toy!!
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Has anyone ever done this, I just did and my Calvin LOVES IT!!! I took two boxes taped them together and cut a few holes in them so he could get from box to box, in and out, and a few peep holes. He plays in it for hours!!! And loves hiding from the dogs and jumping out at the other cats as they walk by. I plan to add a bunch more boxes and make a play area out of it. It's VERY cheap and really fun, next I am going to paint it to make it look fun and hang some toys in side too. Tell what you guys think, a good idea or what?! LOL!!!:D

capnsweets 04-07-2003 11:00 AM

That is a really inexpensive cat toy that they love it is a great idea! Right now the cats have the bottom of our wedding card box and they hop in and out of it 24/7-I never thoght of adding more peices on, and we don't have the room right now, but it is something we will have to try in the future!

Sshadowsmom 04-11-2003 12:56 AM

Boxes really are the greatest of toys.

Becki 04-11-2003 02:58 AM

That sounds awesome! I can't believe more people haven't thought of it...what cat doesn't like an empty box!

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