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Jade 05-03-2003 01:28 AM

I need the basics of pig birthing
Hey there,

I got a call tonight and I think I handled what needed handled but I realized no one in the clinic but me would know the answer if more questions came up.

Her pig had babies (she called them piglets, I had to try not to laugh!) and she was asking if she should take the male out. I assumed they were like chins and told her yes due to re-breeding.

She asked if she could handle them and I was pretty sure she could b/c I've seen weights, etc. posted right away on pigs.

Can someone give me the "low down" on what to do when pigs give birth? What is indicative of a problem? How long do they last in labor? Average kit number? And anything else I can tell an ignorant owner who calls in freaking b/c her pig is having babies?

:wavey: MUCH appreciated!! Thanks!

Pigsterz 05-03-2003 09:14 AM

I was that ignorant owner a year ago calling my vet as soon as they opened in the morning about my guinea pig who had surprise babies (we thought she was a 'he' all along)! DUH! :rolleyes:

Yes, she should take the adult male out. But of course the babies need to nurse so the male babies stay with mom. :)

Piggies are usually self-sufficient. I only discovered the new additions in the morning as I was about to leave and was saying goodbye to her and saw 4 shadows inside the pigloo.

Here's a useful link that I found :

Punxatawny 05-03-2003 03:17 PM

The number of babies in the litter depends on how many times the pig has been preggy even then you could be surprised by more or less than you expect. When Belle was preggy it was her first and only litter and I was expecting only 2 maybe three and ended up with 4. You can handle the pigs right away. It is advised to take the baby boars away at 3 weeks at the earliest and no later than 4 weeks, once they hit 4 weeks they can get their mom and sisters pregnant.

Belle gave birth I believe an hour before I got up and did it all by her self and was fine. Chocolate who I worried about because I didn't know if she was preggy or if she ever had a litter because I was her third owner, delivered during the day just fine by her self and again I missed it cause I was downstairs on the computer.

Erin 05-04-2003 01:06 AM

usual litter is 2-4 pups, can have up to 8.

male babies should be weaned at 21 days old.

adult boar needs removed preferably BEFORE the sow has the litter due to back breeding, she comes into season within an hour after birth.

other information found here:

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