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shosti 06-07-2003 02:19 PM

naly dolly
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This is my baby Nala. She's a fraidy cat around most people, but there's a few she'll come out around, and if she likes you, she's very sweet. She's a huge kitty though.. extremely tall, and very thin. She kind of resembles a wild cat sometimes when you look at her (especially when she yawns) But she's still a lil baby. She's going to be 5 this August. We've had her since she a few months old.

DirtySouthChins 06-07-2003 03:12 PM

Awe what a pretty Tabby

Pigsterz 06-07-2003 04:32 PM

Awww she reminds me of my Moosie. She does look very long!

SharonM 06-07-2003 06:11 PM

Funny, she looks kinda like my kitty, and she acts like her too ! LOL

She is a dolly !!

Tina 06-10-2003 09:28 AM

She is so pretty:)

Sshadowsmom 06-13-2003 03:04 AM

She looks like she is guarding her territory.

capnsweets 06-15-2003 03:14 AM

she looks like a sweet heart!

Rebel624 06-15-2003 03:55 AM

I love tabby cats !

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