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Jade 06-24-2003 09:26 AM

SpottyPoo, how's she doing today? :)

SpottyPoo 06-25-2003 12:00 AM

Not as good as yesterday, I'm afraid. :down: She is not voluntarily eating the CC anymore and I think it's because her tongue is now trapped under her toofers. :(

She squeals sooo loudly when I stick her with that subcu needle that I just don't wanna do it!! :bawl:

Also, her green chin hair is falling out in clumps. I'm sure it's because it has been so wet for so long. Attached to the clumps are skin scabs and looking around her chin, I can see this white junk and if I touch it, the hair falls right out.

Well, you DID ask!! :shrug:

Jade 06-25-2003 12:17 AM

Aww sweetie. Make sure you ask Russ to do a culture on that tissue, rule out a fungal/bacterial infection.

Her teeth must grow super fast, the poor thing. Give her some cuddles for me and hang in there. You're doing great and being a fantastic mom to her.

SpottyPoo 06-25-2003 12:39 AM

Yeah, thanks for the suggestion for the culture. That's an excellent idea -- if she doesn't have a fungal infection on her chin, I will kiss a monkey's butt!! :monkey: :kiss:

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