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capnsweets 07-08-2003 05:02 PM

Rant of all rants.
I am seeing red. Ray and I left for the lake Saturday at 10:00 AM and got home Monday at 11:30 PM. We had asked my parents to watch the cats, with my little sister spending time here with them. They had me bring Breanna over and I showed her everything they needed to do, and plus showed her how to hook up to the internet and use our DVD player. I left instructions on the kitchen "island" and gave them a key to the house.

They came ver twice on Sunday and that was it! They didn't come gibve them food or fresh water Saturday or Monday, and did not chill or spend any time at the house so the cats would know someone was here. I measured out their food last night, and they ate 24 hours worth of food in 10 hours! They were starving since they hadn't been fed since Sunday!

I had called my parents to see how it went, not knowing they were only here once. Breanna, told me they only brought her over once. I asked to have her put Mommy on and FLIPPED! I just watched her dogs and cats in June, and I was there 3-4 times a day and slept over twice! I scooped litter everyday for them.

My Mom being insane, thinks she did no wrong, it being as hot as it is and her ot giving them fresh water. After I tried to get it through her brain how mad I was she hung on me, called me back and screamed "How dare you call me screaming" and then promptly hung up on me again.

The thing is, when i watched her pets, i did everything I could around my WORK schedule, neither her or my goverment milking, workman compensation swindeling peice of crap husband work, and yet, they had NO TIME to care for my pets, after volunteering. They don't work! But over the 3 days I guaranteee they picked up my step-brothers, visited Missy, watched my other step-brother's kids, picked up my Gram from work, and YET drove practically by my house each time they went home but couldn't stop by my house!

I feels o bad for my poor kitties! It was so hot here and they were so alone. I feel horrible, even though I went over everything with Breanna, my Mom, and my Dad.

It seems like I constantly dumb enough to think I can count on my POS parents!

:mad: :mad:

fstybrat 07-08-2003 08:24 PM

I'm sorry Capn... I'd be upset too! Although I'm sure the kitties are 10 times happier now knowing mom & dad are home!

Next time they ask you to petsit for them maybe you should think twice & see how they feel??

Punxatawny 07-08-2003 10:28 PM

oh gosh Capn, I would be just as mad if not worse if that had happened to me. :mad: I agree with Brat

dragonmaster 07-09-2003 12:10 AM

that's terrible. poor things, i would never let them sit for my pets again...and i agree that i would think twice about sitting for theirs...

Lizgirl 07-09-2003 12:23 AM

Capn', I am glad you came home to your pets and that nothing bad had happened to them. I also agree with everyone else.

Catherine 07-09-2003 01:31 PM

Oh I am so sorry Capn, that sucks. I bet your babies were so happy to see you back.

Crittercall 07-09-2003 03:12 PM

You know what the problem is? You expected them to be as considerate and loving as you are. Bubba would tell you that you expect too much of people and expect them to be like you and you always end up being disappointed. (I don't know how many times I've heard this!) Lower your expectations.

I know how it feels, because I have paid a really decent fee for a couple to stay at our house and look after our critters, and it was very obvious that they didn't even stay here. Of course, with them we can just not call them again - but next time maybe you'll be friends enough with your new neighbor that she will keep an eye on them for you. It was great when I had neighbors with pets because we could rely on them and they counted on us to watch after their menagerie.

I'm sorry you had to write in red. It made my eyes hurt. The cats are okay, they weren't injured and most likely have forgotten all about it now. Just be happy that they are okay and make better arrangements next time!

(Don't I sound calm? I'd be as hopping mad as you are!!)

Jodi 07-09-2003 03:33 PM

Awww Capn, I'm so sorry for you & your kitties! I know how family can really piss you off! I hope you're feeling better now...

Crittercall 07-09-2003 08:48 PM

I think it's more than some days for our dear Capn!!:D

capnsweets 07-10-2003 10:32 PM

I just feel like this lesson is always in front of me, "I cannot depend on my parents" yet at the last minute, I think, well they will come through this time and they never fail at failing me. My expectations aren't high. I expected my pets to be treated with the same, love care, and attention I gave their pets 2-3 weeks ago. I will NEVER pet sit for them again, nor ask them to pet sit for me.

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