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Kagetsu 02-12-2004 09:23 PM

What would YOU name a white kitty?
Yay on a first post!

Anyway, I'm curious as to what all you would name a pure white cat. This is merely to emulate the diversity of this community.

We struggled with this when we adopted a new shelter kitty (our third) just last Saturday. Hey, a name's important; it sticks! Eventually I decided on Eden (Though most people tend to think Eden sounds like a girl's name. I don't get it, it sounds like it could be masculine to me!) Eden is a beautiful boy with one blue eye and one green eye.

So, what would you say?

Formula86 02-13-2004 10:47 AM

for a girl Raspa might be cute (it means "snowball" in spanish). vanilla is cute too. for a boy........maybe snowflake. ??? but i love the name eden! that's cute. i think i speak for everyone when we say: PICS PLEASE!

dappledoxie 02-13-2004 10:50 AM

I really like that name Eden. Sounds great to me! I have a friend with a white cat, simply named Whitey. I like it, fits him well. I think it would be a fun idea to name a white cat something like Cocoa or Hershey, it's just that it'd be unique to that cat. :)

PS Welcome! hehe

jmb9101 02-13-2004 02:04 PM

Hmm...if I had a white cat, I think I would think of Pure things like...Angel or Ivory...something like that. I like Eden by the doesnt sound too feminine :) Cute :)

Deja 02-13-2004 02:52 PM

Formula - Raspa is an awesome name, I really like that. I need to remember that, yanno... just in case.... :lol:

Hrrm that is a tough question. I'd probably aim to stay with the obvious *white* theme (I love white cats, I don't see them very often at all) - but then again, I might go with irony and do the total opposite :lol:

I like to get to know the animal and most of the time, no matter how hard I wrack my brain for names and make lists and pick favorites .... it's as if the animal tells me what his/her name is. Nuts, eh? :D

Eden is a really cute name btw... :yes: picture! :)

Pigsterz 02-13-2004 05:31 PM

Eden is a cute name. Hey, whatever works right? :winky:
Oh...and yeah, pictures please. :yes:

capnsweets 02-13-2004 05:36 PM

I love the name Eden. Our cats our named Peep and baby Girl, and Baby Girl comes to the name Stink more then anything so asking me what to name a white cat is a little hard. I agree with everyone else though, we'd love to see pictures.

Dena 02-13-2004 09:41 PM

I have an all black cat named "All Hallows Eve" (thanks to Capn) and an all grey cat named "Varuca" after Varuca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate factory and my all white cat is in Italy with Kim ;) his name is King George. My friend has an all white cat with blue eyes (yes he is deaf) named Hedwig. Names are a very serious issue for me and it always must be something different from the obvious names.

Animalcrazy 02-14-2004 02:32 PM

If it were an all white cat i would name it buddy or clouds because of white:) you could also name it bleach!:angel:

primabella 02-14-2004 06:05 PM

Welcome to Paw-Talk! :hyper2: I love the name Eden. I would have never thought of that! :clap: Hope to see some pictures soon, he sounds adorable!

I'm not sure what I would name a white kitty. I'm not so good with names so I'd probably look for something relating to his or her personality. :)

aprilla 02-15-2004 03:52 PM

I love the names raspa and bleach:D I personaly do think eden is kind of girlish. I like the name, but more for a girl

Gecko 02-15-2004 06:29 PM

I love the name Eden too. I think its adorable. Im not usually to great at coming up with names but I think you did a great job. And agreeing with everyone else PICS PICS PICS!!

Kagetsu 02-15-2004 07:43 PM

Hehe, you guys crack me up ^_^ Tell ya what, I'll start a new topic about my bebes sometime in the near future, and yes, it shall include PICS!! Thanks guys and gals!

lylwhitetiger 02-15-2004 10:40 PM

I would name a white kitty Crisco! My boyfriend has a pure white puffy kitten named Biggelsworth.

Mystic Cat 02-23-2004 12:54 PM

I love Eden for a white male cats name! It would be great for male or female!:thumbsup:

If it was a female white cat I think Isis would be cool!:cool:

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