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Amanda790 05-09-2004 02:10 PM

All alone :-(
I had 2 guinea pigs, Peanut (1 and a half years old, and Baby ( a half a year old). Then my aunt gave me another one older Peanut about 2 years old. Peanut and Baby live together. We put the cages next to each other so they could see, hear, and smell each other. Occasionally they would go and sniff at each other and chatter. We let them out alot together. Finally today we put them in the cage together, its one of those chloroplast cages. Bad idea!! They really don't like each other. So Piggy (the 2 year old) came up to my room. I just don't want her to get lonely while I am at school... We can't get another pig for her so what should I do? Any suggestions?? Please Help! :confused:

Miss_Skelter 05-10-2004 09:50 AM

Its a shame they dont get on.

Did you let them great each other in nuetral ground?

As they get older it is harder to get them to mix with others, but it also depends on their charectors as well.

All i can suggest ( as you cant get another guineapig )
is to make sure that she/he has plenty to occupy them while you are not there. ( tubes, chew wood, chewy sticks and thousands of other toys and food available that you could choose from ) Then when you get home, make sure you make a fuss of she/he.

Good Luck.:)

linzy 05-10-2004 09:57 AM

aww so sorry to hear that, my guinea-pig neil was like that to so i had to put him in my room,i would do like Miss_Skelter said, and play with her alot, females do usually get along with each other sometimes.

BrendaLynn 05-16-2004 09:55 PM

Can you go back to the old cages? Sometimes it's enough just to know that they are there. They don;t snuggle up to each other or anything so just being able to see each other and wheek is enough.

TexCavy 05-24-2004 04:54 AM

Out of my 11 pigs I have two boars who live alone side by side because they cannot get along in the same cage. I even had to go so far as to change the C&C cube grid divider to a plexiglass divider with holes drilled in it. Simon was chewing so much he broke a tooth twice. A broken tooth isnt such a big deal in cavies, for their teeth grow continuously. However, I did worry that constant bar chewing might eventually cause malloclusion, or crooked teeth, in old age, so that is why I changed to the plexiglas divider.

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