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TNSWfan80 01-09-2005 09:22 PM

dog treats
have any of you given your piggies dog bones/biscits? i heard you could, but......?? :confused:

Jade 01-09-2005 10:31 PM

I wouldn't think it would be wise. A guinea pig is an obligate herbivore, whereas a dog eats meats and most dog treats contain meat of some form. I'd stick to veggies and such for your GP.

crzy4piggers 01-10-2005 08:33 AM

I have never heard of it and would frown upon it too. Veggies for treats are what my herd gets here.

TNSWfan80 01-10-2005 12:56 PM

yeah...i just wondered cuz this book we got it showed one nibbling on a dog biscit and said you could give them fruit based ones... :confused: but...better safe than...sick!

Laura 01-10-2005 04:36 PM

I've never thought about giving them to my pigs but we used to give them to my hamsters when i was younger. You could try giving them parsly - mine love it!

Crazy Chin Lady 01-11-2005 06:47 PM

I don't have guinea piggers, but I'd also say no to giving them dog bones. Like everyone else here has said, I'd stick to veggies and such for treats. ;)

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