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Jorgha 03-08-2002 01:16 PM

Pregnant pig question
I have *never* heard of this in all my time working with animals so I thought I would aak just to be on the safe side.

I was told that two female guinea pigs can not get along together in the same cage and that the pregnant female will more than likely kill the babies after they are born.

Boothie? Anyone?

Sassy 03-08-2002 01:24 PM

I have never heard of that happening, Boothie is the one that can help you the most.
How pregnant is she?

Jorgha 03-08-2002 01:31 PM

This is said piggies from person that you got Maxie from. We discussed idea how far along she is. I am going to have make an educated guess later. Going to sex pig number two to make sure that there is no more sex mix-ups with the animals...

Sassy 03-08-2002 01:37 PM

LOL, I agree would be a good idea to sex the second one.
I was thinking it was another piggie. Sorry

Christi 03-08-2002 01:41 PM

I did some quick searching (will do more later) and from what I have read that's not true. As long as they haven't been newly introduced they should be fine and the non-pregnant one will actually HELP the mom and new babies.

As with anything I would keep a close eye cause we all know crap happens, but I think they should be fine.

Jorgha 03-08-2002 01:59 PM

I sexed the second guinea pig, and it is female. I am wondering now if she isn't pregnant as well. Her belly is a bit firmer than I expected so I am going to have to keep an eye on her, all things considering anything is possible. I am guessing from what I know that she is about half way or so thru the pregnancy, felt a baby pig move when I was checking her out. Will keep everyone updated on the piggies. Hoping Boothie will tell me in 50 words or less everything she knows about breeding guinea pigs. LOL.:gpig:

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